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All You Need to Know: This Saturday's SOS Festival!

What’s better than a laid-back Saturday, listening to some of the best local female artists with a great beer in your hand? Nothing! You won’t want to miss the SOS Festival this Saturday, April 1st, at Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River, New York.

Right at the end of Women’s History Month, The Sirens of Song Festival is a timely festival celebrating female musicians for the 25th Anniversary of Lilith. What was Lilith?! Lilith was one of the most iconic festivals of the ‘90s, which featured the best female musicians of that era. Many artists highlighted at that festival are now regarded as some of the most influential female artists in music history.

The Sirens of Song Festival will honor the same spirit and traditions of the original Lilith Fair! It will be an all-day event featuring a diverse and talented lineup of female musicians. The performances will include both originals of the emerging female artists performing and covers of the most popular Lilith-era songs.

The performances will feature very accomplished artists, including:

Bulletproof Heart

Allison Cipris

Jackie June

Sandy Stones Trio

Arielle Eden

Hot Blooded

LONG STORY SHORT: The SOS Festival will be at the very trendy Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River, NY, THIS Saturday, April 1st! The doors will open at 12:30 pm, and music will flow from 1 pm-6 pm! You do not want to miss it!

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