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Crash Exhibition's "Forget You": Turning Dark Thoughts into Dynamic Jams

Step into the emotive universe of Crash Exhibition, where Patrick Hammond crafts music for a world far from "Alright." With a blend of pop-punk, emo, folk, ska, and Britpop influences, Crash Exhibition fearlessly explores themes of regret, love, capitalism, and existential dread. From his debut EP "Over" in 2017 to the DIY-produced "Thirty-One" in 2019, Crash Exhibition's journey unfolds with vulnerability and honesty. Now, in 2023, his upcoming album, produced by Joel Hatstat in Athens, Georgia, embraces a diverse sound with special guest contributions. The lead single "Alright," released in October, sets the stage for an album that delves into the complexities of the human experience. Earlier this month, Crash Exhibition unveiled "Forget You," a single exploring mental health struggles. Let's dive into Crash Exhibition's latest single, "Forget You."

Patrick Hammond- Crash Exhibition

Crash Exhibition's latest track, "Forget You," is an electrifying burst of energy that captivates listeners for a compact 2 minutes and 39 seconds. From the onset, the upbeat rhythms infuse the song with a contagious ska vibe, reminiscent of The Mowgli's lively sound in "San Francisco."

The rapid-fire, quippy vocals, delivered with passion and energy, draw the audience into a narrative of self-destructive behavior, highlighted by poignant lines such as "Beat your brain until you enjoy the pain/Caught in the prime of your life with no reason to dream." and "I lost the will to breathe or think/And lost my thoughts inside a drink."

Crash Exhibition "Forget You" Gaetan "Azaazelus" Sahsah

Album Art: Gaetan "Azaazelus" Sahsah

The background vocal harmonies seamlessly complement the lead, creating a harmonious blend that intensifies the storytelling. Throughout the track, punches of fun and interesting guitar riffs adds a layer of musical ear candy, building up to the exhilarating climax at 1:52—a spirited guitar solo with a powerful melody that carries through to the end, injecting a fresh and playful element into the song.

Despite the overall pessimistic sentiment in lines like "Your friends aren't going to forget you, Your friends are all gonna forget you ever lived.," Crash Exhibition's candid explanation reveals a paradoxical truth—"It’s my anxiety, it’s about feeling like you will be forgotten after you die. It’s my worst thoughts in my lowest moments, but it’s also got a fun ska vibe so you can dance, not all gloom and doom…"

Patrick Hammond-Crash Exhibition

LONG STORY SHORT: Crash Exhibition's "Forget You," is a story that acknowledges the dark thoughts and anxieties that can creep inside our mind, but channels that emotion into an ironically upbeat and dynamic song you can jam out to.


Stream "Forget You" below!


Written and Recorded by:  Crash Exhibition (Patrick Hammond)

Drums: Ryan Wasoba

Mix, Mastered: Joel August Hatstat (High Jump Media)


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