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Twelve A.M. Flowers' "Darling, Darling" is Good, Good

Updated: May 16, 2022

After an eight-year hiatus, Twelve A.M. Flowers returned with a much anticipated single, "Darling, Darling."

Twelve A.M. Flowers is an NYC-based band led by the group's nucleus, Kevin McGinnis. With a decorated portfolio from The New Rising Sons (Virgin Records), Dopo Yume (a band featuring Sean Lennon on bass), and Twiggy Branches, McGinnis creates another home run by creating his own independent group, Twelve A.M. Flowers. While led by McGinnis, this group also has featured Kevin March (Guided By Voices) and Tony Maimone (Pere Ubu).

Twelve A.M. Flowers' ninth and latest release, "Darling, Darling," engineered and mixed by Justin Hertzell and mastered by Grammy winner Carl Glanville (U2), is the electronic anthem you didn't know you were waiting for. Tasting like the '80s with drum machines and upbeat synth, this track could have easily made its way into The Breakfast Club. Although the track is a simple, short, upbeat pop, Twelve A.M. Flowers knows how to slip in small poignant lines of magnetic love, "It feels like we're falling/will you be my wings/come set me free." This single is written and performed solely by McGinnis and will be followed by an EP, As They Kiss Consume.

LONG STORY SHORT: Twelve A.M. Flowers is full steam ahead, creating and releasing more music to crave our synth-pop appetite. Their EP, As They Kiss Consume, will be something not to miss.

Cover Design By: Gregory Boerum


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