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Five Fast Facts: Loser Company "Raptors"

Loser Company, with their slacker indie rock vibes, offers a musical sanctuary for those who've experienced the trials of life's losing moments. Formed in 2017 by childhood friends Mas and Will, who serendipitously reunited in California amidst the aftermath of destructive fires. Fueled by a desire to create music that resonates with both melancholy and joy, Loser Company invites listeners to navigate life's challenges together. The addition of drummer Shawn in 2019, just before the pandemic, set the stage for their debut full-length album, The Floor. Produced by Jeff Friedl and recorded at Secret Hand Studios in Los Angeles, the album introduces a fresh sound with contributions from Will's sister, Olivia, also known as Saundy. As they gear up for the full release of The Floor in 2024, Loser Company offers a preview with a live session featuring Saundy and other talented musicians, for a unique and immersive experience for their dedicated fanbase. Stef caught up with the band to chat about one of their latest singles, "Raptors."

Loser Company

SJ: Hey Loser Company! We’re so excited to hear more about your musical journey and talk about your latest single!

LC: Thanks for having us - stoked to be talking with you.

1. SJ: Loser Company formed back in 2017. How has the band evolved since its inception, and what do you feel has been the biggest challenge to overcome? 

LC:  One of the biggest evolutions has come with finding a drummer we could finally rely on - and not only for drumming. For years we played drummer roulette and it started to get really old and discouraging. Shawn has really helped step up our game with his overall passion and dedication. 

2. SJ: How did the band form? What was the inspiration behind the band's name? 

LC: We (Will and Mas) have been playing music together since we were about 12 years old. From meeting each other in the school orchestra to playing in various punk bands in high school - it’s been a long road. We went our separate ways for a while and then we ran into each other randomly (or maybe by fate in retrospect) and were surprised to find out we were both planning to move to California. I (Will) was going to Los Angeles and Mas was headed to San Diego and we thought we’d try our hand at music again. 

Several years of traveling back and forth from LA to SD, trying different combinations of bands and sounds, went by with nothing to show for it. Eventually, we sorta hung up our hats. Fast forward a few years… I ended up having a near-death experience that really shattered/shifted my perspective. I was in a spot where I was working a passionless, grueling job, wherein money was the sole aim. I was empty, dejected, and in constant spiritual anguish. After the near-death experience, I reassessed my life and realized music was a key missing piece. I approached Mas on April 1st, 2017, and learned he had been wrestling with demons of his own, and had come to a similar conclusion that music had been missing from his life. So we decided once again to join forces. 

Mas had been toying around with this concept of “What does it mean to lose?”. Shifting the negative/pejorative connotation of the word "Loser." It sparked some deep conversations for sure. Other concepts arose like "Losers make good company," "Losing teaches you how to win," "Everyone has lost something or someone" and "Only when you lose everything, are you able to gain everything." Having both lost a lot in our lives, we rallied behind this concept and it really seems to resonate with a lot of people. 

"Raptors" Loser Company

3. SJ: You’ve been consistently releasing singles in 2023 including one of our favorites, "Raptors." Can you tell us a little bit about the story and songwriting process behind this track?

LC: Ya know, this one isn’t as profound as I wish it was. It was three separate song kernels that I decided to say ‘screw it’, let’s throw them together and it sorta worked. It’s inspired by the feeling that the world was seemingly coming to an end in 2020, which is heavy in its own right… but to be honest, I was watching Jurassic Park after several libations and the rest was history. 

4. SJ: What did your recording process look like for this track and how has the process evolved since the start of the band?

LC: Well, we definitely went with a more professional route this time around. It was a far stretch from how we recorded our first song ‘Cosmonaut Dog’ in Mas’s bedroom. I guess I mean professional in the sense of the quality of the studio, equipment, and minds behind the music. We always approach recording seriously and with a mission in mind. We wanted to pull out all the stops and get the best minds we knew who were willing to work with us. I think it really shows in comparison with our past work. 

Raptors (Live at Secret Hand Studios 2023)

5. SJ: What’s one song you wish Loser Company wrote?

LC: Ooh, good question. So many… Every David Bowie song ever? That’d be a good start. 

SJ: So What’s Next for Loser Company?!

LC: As long as Loser Company continues to produce good, then we’re sticking with it. We’ve received too big of an outpouring of support and heartfelt testimonials from fans to simply stop. We’ve had kids say things like ‘I was thinking about killing myself, but your music helped me not to’ and ‘I was trying to get off drugs and I couldn’t kick it, but your music really helped me get over the hump’. You can’t quantify that. You can’t monetize that. Being in a band is really hard and discouraging at times, but if we’re affecting people in such a way, there’s almost a moral obligation to shirk our own petty gripes and grievances and to just keep going. We’re going to release ‘The Floor’ in its entirety in 2024. We’re going to keep refining our live performances. We also have a special single idea that we hope to record in the spring and drop in December, ho ho ho wink wink. 

SJ: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! Looking forward to what you guys create next!

LC: Thanks for losing with us!


Listen to "Raptors" below!


Songwriting, Performance: Loser Company

Production: Jeff Friedl (Devo, A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine)

Recording, Mix: Matt McJunkins (The Beta Machine, A Perfect Circle, Poppy)

Recorded: Secret Hand Studios in Van Nuys

Mastered: Dave Collins (Weezer, Metallica, etc.)


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