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Meet Eddie Kamenitzer: The MIC Mag's February Musician of the Month!

Meet Eddie Kamenitzer

Eddie Kamenitzer

North Jersey's Eddie Kamenitzer emerges as a musical force, often described as "a cornucopia of Appalachia, Americana, and Alt-Folk." After a noteworthy journey performing with various bands, trios, and even as a solo artist up and down the East Coast, Eddie took a decade-long hiatus. In 2023, he returned to the Northern NJ music scene with his solo debut album, Stuck At Home. The pandemic-induced period of self-evaluation catalyzed Eddie's artistic rebirth. Collaborating with friends from his local music scene, he has crafted an album that not only sparks the imagination but also remains deeply rooted in songs that possess an endearing quality, whether performed solo or within a larger musical context. Eddie Kamenitzer's comeback showcases the richness of his diverse influences.

This February, The MIC Mag is celebrating Eddie Kamenitzer, as our Musician of the Month!

Genre: Acoustic Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Stomp & Holler

Artist Name: Eddie Kamenitzer

Duo: E-Squared

Fun Facts: I’m also a live sound engineer for events at Boonton Coffee Co., & Krogh’s

What Makes Eddie Kamenitzer Stand Out?

"The way I fingerpick. I use my pointer fingernail like a pick, so it allows me to jump back and forth from fingerstyle to strumming without picking up/dropping a pick. Some songs I do use a pick on…"

Eddie Kamenitzer

What is Eddie Kamenitzer most known for?

"Being Kind!"

What has Eddie Kamenitzer been working on?

"A super special to me performance at Autodidact Beer in Morris Plains with Mt. Feral and Jeff Petescia (of Cold Weather Company).

Performing with me on upright bass is Joe Lucarelli and on guitar is Sean Ronan. Both can be heard throughout Stuck At Home.

I’m excited to be working with Producer Matt Pelosi again on my next single, "Teller’s Journal," from the ground up.  I’m hoping for a springtime release."



"One of the greatest skills to possess as a musician is the ability to listen while you perform." - Eddie Kamenitzer


Eddie Kamenitzer 'Stick at Home'

Eddie Kamenitzer's latest release, Stuck at Home

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"Surround yourself with people who genuinely support you.  The people who listen to your music, who are touched by or connected to your music, who make the effort to see your performances will help you build an organic supportive fan base simply by consistently showing up for you, however they can.  It's also good to find artists in your area that you actively support. Artists that you enjoy listening to, inspire you or would like to play with/write with.  That growing give and take is the foundation of a strong music scene. "

Listen to Eddie Kamenitzer's Stuck at Home

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You are an artist who has undergone a remarkable transformation and growth throughout your career. This evolution reflects not only in your musical style but also in the depth and complexity of your lyrics. It's always impressive when an artist can channel their personal experiences, including life's challenges, joys, and disappointments, into their work, creating a more profound and resonant artistic expression.

This kind of transformation often indicates a deep commitment to self-discovery and a willingness to explore different facets of one's identity. It suggests that the artist has not only honed their craft but has also embraced a broader understanding of the human experience, allowing them to connect with their audience on a more profound level.

It's truly commendable…

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