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Meet Rosie Timmon: The MIC's May Musician of the Month

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Meet Rosie Timmon:

Photo Credit: Lila Barth

Rosie Timmon is a Dublin, Ireland, native but recently moved to New York City to achieve her musical dreams. Growing up, she was inspired by the greats Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé. She began writing music at just two years old, with her first song, "Washing My Hands." Timmon performed in many musical theater productions and national talent shows before attending the British Institute of Modern Music. She has released six singles that have played across Irish and British radio! Today Rosie Timmon continues to stun crowds with her powerhouse vocals and heartfelt honesty.

Genre: Pop and R&B Artist

Solo Artist Name: Rosie Timmon

Fun Facts: I currently live in New York City. I love hiking and being out in nature. My favourite movie is Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, I just LOVE the film's soundtrack by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer!

What Makes Rosie Timmon stand out?

"My voice is unique and raspy. My singing teacher asked if I smoked at 12 years of age. My lyrics are honest and real and I'm told I have great stage presence and make people laugh with my goofiness."

Photo Credit: Lila Barth

What has Rosie Timmon been working on?

"My new single "Found!" This song tells the story of moving across the Atlantic ocean and falling in love/finding that special one. This song is me discovering a new piece of who I am and accepting myself and who I love.”

What do you hope to be known for?

"Pop singer-songwriter with honest lyrics that inspire others."

Photo Credit: Lila Barth

Words From Rosie Timmon:

"Being a singer and a musician is my happy, I just love everything about music listening, learning, singing, creating, writing, dancing! It lifts me up and brings me joy and I want to live a life filled with joy and happiness and so I became a musician!"

Any advice for an aspiring musician?

" My biggest advice is "Keep going! Follow your dreams, keep chasing them! Follow what your heart is telling you to do, believe in yourself! Since my niece was born I told her the following quote every night and I remind myself everyday of the same thing. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to."

Listen to Rosie Timmon's "Found"


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