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MilkMan Poured Us Another Glass

Updated: May 27, 2021

Eric Schwartz is always on the mic, whether for his popular alternative rock band Malibu, or his latest solo endeavor, MilkMan.

MilkMan just released his second ever single, and similar to its predecessor, “Tuna For Dinner (FMHA),” “War Crimes in E Minor (DROWN)” is another track fully self-recorded and produced by Schwartz. And unlike Malibu, MilkMan steers clear of mainstream structure and sounds. His influences are an eclectic mix found on his Spotify ‘MilkMan Influences’ playlist ranging from A(BBA) to V(illage People).

“War Crimes in E Minor (DROWN)” will first entice you with its eccentric album art. A photo within a photo of a man, presumably the MilkMan, in a sleeveless eagle shirt, head covered in a paper bag (obviously), holding Elmo on a string. I am stumped on the symbolism, but perhaps that’s precisely the point. MilkMan is quirky and out of the box, and his music is no exception. Starting with funky synths and a light high hat before the celestial guitar chords and vocals pour in, while other electronic sounds constantly drip in. With such a vast variety of sounds in this avant-garde pop track, the catchy chorus comes in as one tangible piece that can ground the listener and get them singing along. MilkMan describes the lyricism as sardonic, “creating a toxic love story littered with politically-minded metaphors,” an enticing anecdote to the listener.

LONG STORY SHORT: “War Crimes in E Minor (DROWN)” is an anti-mainstream anthem. If you want to impress your friends with an obscure indie, groovy tune, this is the one you should aux up.


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