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On The MIC (Live at the Meatlocker) with GETLOST performing "Moon Water"

Experience the sounds and the energy of Montclair NJ's The Meatlocker. GETLOST performs "Moon Water" one of their new tracks off their debut LP out TOMORROW for The MIC's very first On The MIC (Live! at a Venue) performance!


  • band of friends from Asbury Park, NJ

  • started as a pandemic project with shared love of heavy riff and early 2000s influences

  • developed into a full band project & collaboration!

  • this performance documents their opening song of their first ever set together under this name!

  • their debut LP out TOMORROW!

About "Moon Water"

"Moon Water is a slow burner and chilling set-opener. It shows the band’s darker side and hints at themes of living through negative experiences. The studio version of this song will be out in the world by this summer." -GETLOST

Check out GETLOST's performance "On The MIC" below!

Photo: Kenny Bieber


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