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Plant Dad Sows Another Seed with Track "Del Mar"

​​From the seeds of Baltimore, Maryland, comes Ralph Bernabe as Plant Dad. Bernabe began making music with choirs, which he still participates in today. Between piano lessons and self-taught guitar, he found himself playing in bands including The Wontons and Joyride. But Plant Dad has grown from the inspiration of the Baltimore music scene, '80s electronic bands, "alternative" rock, and singer-songwriter folk melodies, Plant Dad crafts his own sound of nostalgia.

On January 21, 2022, Plant Dad released his well-crafted third single, "Del Mar." The track opens with laughter and conversation familiar with a smoke circle before hitting us with the first riff and the entrance of Bernabe's velvety vocals. In the first verse, you're introduced to the catchy melodic songwriting of Plant Dad, paired with Noelle Acaso. The straightforward rhythm guitar continues with a memorable chorus that you can imagine a crowd singing along with at a festival. The second verse places the '80's style synths up front, drawing on Plant Dad's influences, and blossoms into a more electropop vibe. Tying the bow on the track fades out with more conversation as you seemingly exit the circle.

LONG STORY SHORT: If The 1975 came out with an indie rock song, it would be "Del Mar." That's a compliment. Ultimately three released tracks are not enough; we need a ~garden of tracks from Plant Dad.


Stream "Del Mar" below!


Songwriting by Ralph Bernabe and Noelle Acaso

Production and Mixing by Sean Mercer

Mastering by Mat Lefler-Schulman


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