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The MIC Mag's February 2024 Issue

Welcome to The MIC's Monthly Issue, where you can see what we've had on repeat all month long!

Eddie Kamenitzer:

Eddie Kamenitzer MMOTM

North Jersey's Eddie Kamenitzer emerges as a musical force, often described as "a cornucopia of Appalachia, Americana, and Alt-Folk." After a noteworthy journey performing with various bands, trios, and even as a solo artist up and down the East Coast, Eddie took a decade-long hiatus. In 2023, he returned to the Northern NJ music scene with his solo debut album, Stuck At Home. The pandemic-induced period of self-evaluation catalyzed Eddie's artistic rebirth. Collaborating with friends from his local music scene, he has crafted an album that not only sparks the imagination but also remains deeply rooted in songs that possess an endearing quality, whether performed solo or within a larger musical context. Eddie Kamenitzer's comeback showcases the richness of his diverse influences. Read more about Eddie Kamenitzer here.

Listen to Eddie Kamenitzer here:


Amelie Lucille "See me"

Amelie Lucille "See Me" album art

At just 15 years old, NY singer-songwriter Amelie Lucille sound is way beyond her years. With a voice that echoes deep, emotional tones, Amelie's musical journey commenced at the age of 7 through Christmas-gifted piano lessons. A student at LaGuardia High School, Amelie has swiftly made her mark in the music scene, releasing her debut self-titled album on June 15th, 2023, and unveiling her second single, "See Me," on February 2nd. Stef caught up with Amelie this month for Five Fast Facts covering her latest release, "See me."

 Read more about "See me" here.

Stream Amelie Lucille's "See me" here


Dani Zanoni 20 Something:

Dani Zanoni 5FF

Following indie pop singer-songwriter Dani Zanoni's debut EP release, Stef caught up with Zanoni to discuss the recording, writing process, and her favorite parts of 20 Something. Read the interview below, or scroll down to check out the video on YouTube!

Read more about Dani Zanoni's 20 Something here.

Watch the Five Fast Facts below!


MØNTE's "Sam's Song"

MØNTE's "Sam's Song"

Sophia Montalbano, also known as a MØNTE, is a vibrant singer-songwriter from Red Bank, NJ. With a passion for music ignited at just 15, her journey gained momentum in 2017 with the debut release of her EP "Ego" released with MOTO Records, a student-run record label from Lake House Music Academy in Asbury Park, NJ. MØNTE also spent a transformative semester in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of audio engineering at Blackbird Studios and interned at Sound Stage Studios. This month, just in time for Valentine's Day MØNTE released her new single, "Sam's Song"!

Read more about MØNTE's "Sam's Song" here!

Watch MØNTE's On The MIC performance of "Sam's Song" below!


Lupe Dragon covers Conan Gray's "(Online Love)"

Lupe Dragon OTM

"I picked the song Online Love by Conan Grey because in this day and age, where we have apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, the world of dating and love can sometimes be more disconnecting than connecting for people. This song I feel really puts that message out there in a quick 30 seconds." -Lupe Dragon"

Read more about Lupe Dragon here

Watch Lupe Dragon's On The MIC performance below!


GreenWing "At The Time"

GreenWing "At The Time"

Emerging onto the Canadian music scene in 2021, GreenWing carved out their niche with a magnetic blend of captivating melodies, pulsating rhythms, and an electrifying stage presence. Their debut album, Late Bloomer, unleashed in 2022, catapulted them into the limelight, securing coveted opening slots for renowned acts like Three Days Grace, Mom Jeans, and Reinwolf. Garnering acclaim and a dedicated fan base, their 2023 single "Dark" solidified their status as a rising force in Canadian live music, culminating in accolades such as Sask Music's "Rock Artist of The Year." Now, as they gear up for the release of their sophomore album, Eatin' It, on March 15th, 2024, GreenWing just released a new single "At The Time"!

Read more about GreenWing's "At The Time" here!  

Listen to GreenWing's "At The Time" here!


Your Best Nightmare"Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity":

Your Best Nightmare 'Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity'

New Jersey's Your Best Nightmare is a captivating force, blending genres with fearless abandon. Trained as a soprano vocalist in classical music at the John J. Cali School of Music she shatters conventions by melding folk, punk, goth, and art rock into a singular, enthralling sound. Your Best Nightmare exudes unapologetic authenticity. Her music, characterized by biting lyrics and the sweet resonance of her ukulele, showcases a remarkable duality of beauty and darkness. Her debut EP/Demo has garnered international acclaim, for its audacious exploration of themes and sounds. Stef caught up with Your Best Nightmare to talk about the upcoming release in our latest Five Fast Facts!

Read more about Your Best Nightmare 'Presents: A Simple Solution for Toxic Masculinity' here.

Listen to Your Best Nightmare here!


Other Fun Things The MIC Mag + MG Did In February:


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Chris Barron! of the Spin Doctors

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Interview with Stef for ReverbNation!


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YouTube #Shorts

Chris Barron!

5 Things to Avoid when Pitching to a Music Blog!


Thanks for seeing what we've been up to and listening to this month; stay tuned for March!


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