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What's so Fuzzy about Fuzzy Coleman?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, but Fuzzy Coleman is a four piece band named after their sound and for memorability (not named after a childhood teddy, much to my dismay). Members Alex Esposito on vocals, John Pellecchia on guitar, Billy Cregar slapping bass, and Billy Ecke drumming, have been jamming together for the past five years. Incorporating their passion for alternative and progressive rock, this group could have been seen enchanting crowds all over North Jersey from small venues to house shows, prior to the pandemic of course.

Get Well Soon, is Fuzzy’s latest EP, released in October of 2019. Written in continuation with their prior EP, Thank You Mr. Mitchell, the pair is united stylistically and dynamically. This EP tackles challenging topics, sickness, death and coping, all while rocking out. Starting with their title track, ‘Get Well Soon’ showcases their alternative edge with grit and grace. Pellecchia’s clean technique can be heard as he toggles between strumming chords to wailing melodies and runs. This five minute track also puts their group in lower gear, for almost two minutes creating space before returning with another chorus before the tune fades out. ‘This Morning Will Make You Sick’ is the second track, utilizing movement in each instrumental part, complete with bellowing lead vocals tasting similarly to those of Tim McIlrath’s. One line that is repeated in the last third of this track, “it’s better off to just to say nothing,” which is so profound and accentuates the poetry that is the lyrics of Fuzzy Coleman. Next up, ‘It Was Death,’ which finally features some more bass funk, and more guitar/vocal parallel motion that has been a common theme for the group. While the majority of the track follows a similar form as the rest of the EP, the band remains tight and ends with a new flavor to finish, bluesy grunge. On the penultimate track, (Door Shuts and Locks) surrounds the listener with a choppy repeated guitar motif, with the depth of Cregar’s bass, all while the drums are in the driver’s seat. And lastly, we have the longest track of the EP, ‘Live-In Grave Robber,’ which highlights the talent of Esposito’s voice, as he sings more melodically. This bittersweet blend removes the hard-core backbone, until 3:13 when the track explodes with speed and ferocity.

Keep your eyes peeled, rumor has it that Fuzzy Coleman will be releasing a new track at the end of this summer. Also in the works, a full length album; so when the time comes and it's safe to play shows, this group is fully stocked and ready to rock 'n roll.

LONG STORY SHORT: All members of Fuzzy Coleman played every track with precision. Contrary to the name, this band will (most likely) not make you feel warm and fuzzy. But if you’re looking for a band with intensity, lyrics with integrity, and a sound that’s just hard-rock goodness- look no further. You’re welcome.


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