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ZOE Shines Bright in New Song "Sun"

ZOE's songwriting journey began when she was just five years old in Perth, Western Australia. During her formative years, she fronted bands in high school and performed at many live events. After moving to Melbourne, she began collaborating with many bands and musicians before returning to being a solo performer. She's played everywhere, from festivals to street corners, and is releasing her most cohesive project yet, her debut EP. First releasing "Fire," she is back with the second single release and title track of the upcoming ethereal record, "Sun." Let's dig in!

the null rays

Photo Credit: Mauro Trentin


Co-Produced: ZOE, David J. Gillett

Special thanks to Engineers: Brenton Meynell, Colin Wynne, Musicians Drew Goddard, Travis Bryant

Producer-collaborator: Eric-Doriean

Cinematographer: Stewart Carter

Special mention to Video Leads: Nectar, Eliza and Joel and the other brilliant people and animals on film.

In the words of ZOE: “Sun is a really important track for me because, as the title track, it defines the theme and sound of the EP. Getting the sound right was important, and also we needed to create a video that speaks to the theme clearly… I think we have achieved that.”

midnight at high moon null rays

LONG STORY SHORT: Clocking in at 5:17, ZOE's "Sun" is a longer track that keeps you entertained. You're transported into her world for those five minutes with minimal production and ZOE's clear vocal timbre. At 2:34, you get an eerie and unexpected chord change as she sings one of her most pivotal lines,"Stop thinking that you're powerless/You have all the power within." Leading into the 3-minute mark, the drums create a powerful build-up solidifying the celestial energy. You can feel the Kate Bush influences while ZOE creates a track all her own.


Stream "Sun" below!


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