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A Minute With Masiero

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Anthony Masiero, 21 of West Milford, New Jersey has been in love with being an entertainer since he was little -- constantly writing stories and poetry. His music career became more serious when he began guitar lessons to hone his craft.

Heavily influenced by James Bay's Oh My Messy Mind, Masiero discovered the track 'Bad,' while going through a rough patch in his personal life. This track resonated with the time he was going through, finding solace in unhealthy habits. 'Bad' acted as a catalyst for Masiero to understand the complexities of music; how it can be raw and vulnerable, while connecting so deeply with the listener. That's when Anthony decided to post the cover of the album that meant so much to him on his Instagram account, and his story really began. Producer Joshua P. Thompson found this post and reached out, proving this album to have a pivotal role in Masiero's musical journey.

Shortly after, Masiero teamed up with Thompson to create his first single, 'Feel It Through the Phone.' The single was heavily influenced by his producer, creating a strong pop and R&B sound, a genre Thompson is most familiar with.

Masiero explains this single was a personal reflection of his experience with long distance relationships. Starting with the chord progression, he wanted to create a vibe that was calming and intimate. While the lyrics illustrate a modern day love story, reflective of the feeling when you may not be right next to your special someone, but you can still feel their connection through the phone. It's truly a beautiful sentiment; distance does not matter when your love is so strong, you can feel it no matter your geological location.

Moving forward, Masiero is aiming to stay away from boxes and labels in terms of genre. Musically, he intends on culling from his biggest influences in a way that is his own, relatable and genuine. Masiero also explains that he would like to stray from the R&B found in his single and explore a more chill acoustic/ alternative sound.

LONG STORY SHORT: This soulful single is just a spark for Anthony Masiero. Keep your eyes peeled for what he has coming in summer 2021.


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