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After a Car Accident and Struggles the LGBTQ+ Community Faced, Jay Wood is Saying, "oh well"

Jay Wood's story is much deeper than the average singer-songwriter's. Seven years ago, Jay was involved in a horrific car accident; faced with an arduous recovery, she was told she could never regain her abilities. Determined to defy the odds, Wood learned to walk and play music again.

But that was not the only challenge Jay Wood faced; she was also affected by the struggles of the LQBTQ+ community at a time when same-sex marriage was illegal in Australia. As a prelude to her EP coming out in September, Jay Wood just released her debut single,"oh well," a song outlining a heartbreaking story about love lost.

the null rays

"oh well"

Songwriting, Performance: Jay Wood

Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Norman Solander Studios

In the words of Jay Wood: "[The song] began as a cute, upbeat song professing heartfelt intentions toward her but morphed into more of an optimistic song with a lament of the love gone by, hence the weaving of the phrase “oh well” throughout. I want to share the knowledge that everyone is capable of choice no matter the ‘dire’ circumstance; ‘What happens to you does not matter. What you BECOME through those experiences is all that is significant."

midnight at high moon null rays

LONG STORY SHORT: Jay Wood's "oh well" is an adorable love story. Complete with a ukulele and solid harmonies; Wood creates a bright, cheerful song that makes you feel good. She sings about love, but not just any love; the love you would blow the clouds away with your hair dryer if you had to or run away to get married in Ireland. Throughout all of the obstacles Wood has faced, she has jumped over hurdles and proves, with this song, that there is still hope and love to enjoy.

Jay Wood


Stream "Oh Well" below!


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