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BreakTime's "She's The One" Resurrects a Timeless Era and Pays Homage to Greats like The Beatles

What originally began as a conventional Jersey cover band in 2018 has undergone a remarkable evolution. Their live performances have unveiled an inspiring trend: a steadily growing fan base, spanning a diverse range of musical genres, all coming together in genuine appreciation of songs that pay homage to classic traditions. Since the release of their debut single, "Rock N’ Roll Refugee," in 2021, BreakTime has transformed into a formidable musical force, consistently delivering electrifying and captivating shows.

BreakTime consists of Sean on bass, Thommy on lead guitar, Doug on rhythm guitar, and Peter on drums, and they cordially invite you to "leave your daily troubles and complications behind" as they guide you into their carefree sonic world. The band just released their sophomore album Specials, an album that pays homage to NJ diners and the home state they're proud of. Let's dig into one of the tracks.

BreakTime-Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

BreakTime's track, "She's The One," opens with a captivating drum roll that immediately grabs your attention. The lyrics, "You got it bad, she's the best you've ever had," evoke a feeling reminiscent of The Beatles' timeless classic "Help!" It's clear that BreakTime is paying homage to the legendary band's sound, and to the era.

BreakTime-'Specials' Album Cover

The harmonies in "She's The One" are lush and rich, reminiscent of the golden age of music, transporting listeners back in time to an era of innocent love and heartfelt melodies. The song's simple lyricism and rhymes capture the essence of '50s sound, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that is both comforting and dulcet.

BreakTime-Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

Photo Credit: Vito Rizzi

What truly stands out in this track is its irresistibly catchy chorus. It's the kind of chorus that invites you to sing along and get lost back in time. The vintage production of "She's The One" takes you on a delightful journey to yesteryear, where the combination of classic elements and BreakTime's unique touch creates a musical experience that's both familiar and fresh.

LONG STORY SHORT: In "She's The One," BreakTime has crafted a tribute to the past while adding their own modern flair, resulting in a track that is not only a nod to the classics but also a testament to their own musical flare.


Stream "She's The One" below!


Songwriting: Sean Manuel, Thommy Delaney, Douglas Lupo

Production: Sean Manuel

Mix, Master Engineer: Rod Shepard at Xanthi Music Productions

Recorded at: BT Studio One


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