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Christine Tarquinio is all about Good Vibes in her latest single "You and Me"

Melbourne, Australian songwriter Christine Tarquinio writes a musical letter to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Focusing on the challenges she faced, Tarquinio pens a message of hope, optimism, and unity with her latest release, "You and Me." Christine Tarquinio has collaborated with other musicians, producers, and engineers, writing and releasing original music since 2014. She expresses that her dedication stems from the fact, "There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a little seed of an idea I have for a song, and seeing it bloom into its full potential along with my creative team; the magic just happens." Her sophomore EP, Silhouette, is set to release in July 2023, but let's dig into her latest single!

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Photo Credit: Susan Bradfield Photography

"You and Me"

Songwriting: Christine Tarquinio

Performance: Christine Tarquinio

Production: Joshua Hennessy of Pivotal Music Melbourne

In the words of Christine Tarquinio: “The song was easy to write as I had a lot of time on my hands being in lockdown. I wrote the song with my guitar and as always, I came up with the chords and melody first and the lyrics once I decided on the theme of “one day we’ll be free” the song almost wrote itself. Being a mother is a huge influence on my music. You just want to do your best to show them how to navigate their way through life and hope that they succeed.”

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LONG STORY SHORT: Christine Tarquinio's "You and Me" gives big "Walking On Sunshine" vibes. This track is an easy-listening, upbeat, uplifting song with simple production and a positive message. Instilling the message about hope, Tarquinio sings, "One day you'll see, we will be, we will be, we'll be free, you and me." It even has a subtle addition of jingle bells! If you're having a bad day, this is the song to put on.


Stream "You and Me" below!


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