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Dani Zanoni's Debut EP '20 Something': Navigating Anxiety and Finding Your Way Back Home

Dani Zanoni, indie/pop singer-songwriter from Northern New Jersey, brings a refreshing blend of influences that span from the soulful tunes of Sara Bareilles to the evocative sounds of Sasha Sloan. With a musical journey that has seen her grace stages across the tri-state area for several years, Dani has consistently enchanted audiences with her compelling performances. Embarking on her recording career in 2017 with the release of her debut single "Facing Reality," Dani has since evolved her musical style, with recent releases like "Rabbit Hole" (2021) and "Mean It" (2022). These songs mark a pivotal moment in Zanoni's artistic exploration, helping her find her "authentic sound" that places a strong emphasis on raw lyrics and sincere vocal delivery.

With the recent release of her debut EP 20 Something on January 12th, Dani Zanoni opens a window for listeners to peer into her world. Through the intricacies of navigating one's 20s, her music becomes a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

Dani Zanoni-Angelica Pasquali |  DawnPoint Studios

Photo Credit: Angelica Pasquali | DawnPoint Studios

Dani Zanoni's latest EP, 20 Something, is a masterfully crafted musical journey where each song builds upon the last, weaving a narrative of losing oneself and the resilient pursuit of self-discovery. The album's strength lies in the progression of tracks, each one more powerful than the last.

In "I Know," Zanoni infuses optimism with lyrics like "And you think you're all alone/But you'll defeat your demons/I Know," delivered with strong emotive vocal delivery. The EP showcases pristine mixing and arrangement, with each element beautifully complementing the music without overshadowing it.

Lupe Dragon "Cruise Control" Album Art

Photo Credit: Angelica Pasquali |  DawnPoint Studios

The honesty and raw energy of "Confessions" make it stand out like a heartfelt journal entry, while "Safe Space" explores confronting childhood dreams, serving as a therapeutic reflection on personal growth. Addressing anxiety throughout the record and specifically in "Break Free," Zanoni's lyrics capture the challenges of change and the desire to achieve your dreams with lines like "Cuz everything's changing/But I just keep staying the same/My heart won't stop racing/I can't even find the words I want to say."

The EP tops with the final track, "Back Home," a beautiful conclusion that symbolizes emerging from darkness. The lyrics, "Every time I fall down hard/You pick me up/And bring me home," emphasize the presence of light at the end of the tunnel and carry an uplifting message of support and hope as the EP concludes.


"20 Something is about growing up and navigating your 20s. It’s about not just discovering who you are, but learning to love and embrace yourself in the process. This EP dives deep into the struggles I personally face and I know many others do as well. I release it with hopes it can serve as a reminder to listeners that they are not alone in what they’re going through and that they can always find their way out of the dark and back home." - Dani Zanoni


LONG STORY SHORT: 20 Something is not just a musical expedition; it's a return home, showcasing Zanoni's ability to craft powerful stories with immaculate execution. The record's cohesiveness underscores her exceptional growth in lyricism, while the simplicity of arrangements, featuring acoustic guitar and strong harmonies, highlights her pop sensibilities and rich vocal range. Dani Zanoni has not only taken listeners on a transformative journey but also brought them back home through an EP that exemplifies her powerful storytelling. 

Dani Zanoni Photo Credit: Angelica Pasquali |  DawnPoint Studios

Photo Credit: Angelica Pasquali |  DawnPoint Studios


Stream 20 Something below! 


Production: Julien Renvoise, Spatial Soul 

Songwriting: Dani Zanoni, Julien Renvoise

Mixing: Nicholas Di Lorenzo, Panorama Mastering

Mixing ("Back Home"): Will Owen Bennett

Mastering: Nicholas Di Lorenzo, Panorama Mastering

Vocal Recording: Chris Badami, Portrait Recording Studios

Drums ("Back Home"): Tomas Shannon


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