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Don Drago Takes Us into his "Paradise" featuring Bezz Believe and Nawlage

Don Drago wants to inspire listeners to seize the day and have fun doing it! Creating music before he was a teenager, Don Drago was inspired by Eminem, Nelly, and Ludacris and found his own creative outlet by writing his own hip-hop and pop music. He's rocked the stages of Crow Bar and Pegasus Lounge and even tested his skills in events like the Coast to Coast music competition and won first place. Don Drago brings all of the positive vibes while writing music about perseverance, courage, and self-improvement, all with a tropical feel. Teaming up with Bezz Believe and Nawlage 2K5, Don Drago has a new release titled "Paradise." Blending each artist's unique style, this single is an upbeat track promising to be the soundtrack of your summer.


Main Artist: Don Drago

Featured Artists: Bezz Believe and Nawlage

Composed: Vilho Ihaksi

Engineer: Skyler Gibbons (Skyler the Engineer)

In the words of Don Drago: "Paradise is the type of song that makes you want to spend a day on the beach or go on a much-needed vacation! Really gives listeners that Florida vibe and experience!"

LONG STORY SHORT: Don Drago’s “Paradise” feels simple, carefree, and inviting. Featuring Bezz Believe and Nawlage, this track is an easy listening track with all of the beach vibes effortlessly transporting you poolside, drinking a piña colada.


Stream "Paradise" below!


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