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Edie Yvonne's "Queen Bee": A Trip to 2000s Pop, Reliving Teenage Years and the Mean Girls Hierarchy

Introducing Edie Yvonne, a 14-year-old singer-songwriter whose music resonates deeply with the emotions we seek in pop music. With a monthly release of singles that have garnered praise, Edie Yvonne's emotional indie-pop and folk-pop melodies, along with her dreamy sound and poetic lyrics, evoke the power of music to make us feel. Her songs spring from an authentic place within her soul, driven by her passion for music and her wish to share joy and beauty with the world. While her journey is just beginning, Edie Yvonne already shines brightly in the world of contemporary pop, with previous tracks like "On Your Mind" and "In The Rain." Now, she returns with "Queen Bee," a song that explores the world of mean girls and their followers, complemented by a compelling short film tackling the same subject.

Edie Yvonne Photo Credit: Nogen Beck

Photo Credit: Nogen Beck

Edie Yvonne's latest release, "Queen Bee," is a delightful journey back to the upbeat, poppy sounds of the 2000s. The song kicks off with a groovy intro that immediately hooks you in, with vocals bearing a striking resemblance to Jordan Pruitt's 2007 hit, "Jump to the Rhythm." Edie manages to capture and maintain that infectious, feel-good vibe throughout the track, making it impossible not to tap your foot along to the beat.

Queen Bee

The lyrics of "Queen Bee" are simple yet incredibly catchy, touching on the timeless themes of youth and the dynamics within the school hierarchy of mean girls. Lines like "Better believe it/Won't fall for your tricks/Best friend to b-list" have a cheeky and relatable quality that transports listeners back to the hallways of their own teenage years.

Edie Yvonne Photo Credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

Photo Credit: Cathryn Farnsworth

What sets this song apart is Edie's message of kindness and empathy. In her own words, she hopes that "Queen Bee" and her forthcoming track "Girl Code" will "spark discussions around these values, encouraging us to choose kindness over cool and prioritize empathy over popularity. Her commitment to these important issues shines through her music and her desire to "work with teenage anti-bullying organizations as well to help support these issues."

LONG STORY SHORT: Despite its brevity at just 2 minutes and 4 seconds,"Queen Bee" leaves a lasting impression. It's a short and sweet reminder of the pop music that brought joy to our lives in the 2000s, wrapped in a modern, meaningful package. Edie Yvonne may be young, but her music and her message are powerful. Stay tuned for the music video, coming soon!


Stream "Queen Bee" below!


Written and performed: Edie Yvonne

Production: Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta

Rrose Productions


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