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Fire Is Motion: A Band That's Just Heating Up

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

This band is on fire. And is also called Fire Is Motion, how ironic? This NJ based collective is practically the definition of indie rock. Incorporating the poetic lyricism of founder and frontman Adrian Amador, and musicality of Avery Salermo, their music is atmospheric. While this band is driven by the two pillars of Amador and Salermo, at times, their live shows can include as many as five guitarists. How many guitarists are too many? The limit does not exist.

Their latest EP release was in 2017 titled, Still, I Try. The most popular release from this EP as well as the opener, is “Yesterday’s Coffee,” with over 149,000 streams on Spotify. This track deserves all the acclaim it has received; complete with complimenting tambours, harmonious melodies and potent orchestration. The following track, “Who Knows,” creates an ambient space where Salermo’s vocals can shine with tranquility similar to those of Julien Baker, before a grandiose build up to the end. Next up is “Ringside,” which allows us to hear more of a folksy side of Fire Is Motion, with the twang of Amador’s acoustic guitar. Listening to the lyrics of this track, you can follow the narrative of space between the protagonist and his lover, while the lead vocals mimic that sentiment. But ultimately comes in with a crowd singing in unison which is a common device utilized by the group, and concludes with a ponderous couplet, “Love; it distracts me, it destroys me./Still, I wait by the ringside.” Finally, on the penultimate track, “Smile, It Makes This Easier,” we have the entrance of the trumpet. This change in the instrumentation is a fun and fresh addition alongside upbeat rhythms that are being juxtaposed with the dark lyricism of the tune. And to close the EP, “How Long to Get Home” is a stimulating track with a bittersweet end, “It life's too short, my laces are tied./Tomorrow is still a better day to die.”

While this album is a suitable example of the talent that is encapsulated in Fire Os Motion, this just sparks a fire of excitement, for what is next to come from this collective. Every instrument in this EP has their own space, nothing is over abundant and even the glockenspiel is only featured when necessary. There is also great continuity within all five tracks, with all guitar driven musical motifs.

LONG STORY SHORT: While sounding similar to ‘Of Monsters and Men,’ this band has enough interest in its lyrics alone to pique your interest. These tracks have a laid back vibe, so whether you’re listening to it in the background or with headphones, you’re guaranteed to relish in it’s euphony.


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