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Five Fast Facts: Diana Omar's "Bring Me Down"

From Maryland comes Diana Omar, a singer-songwriter and incoming freshman at Yale University. She started her musical journey with classical training on violin and piano before learning to improvise and write her songs at only 14. Diana Omar is an enthusiastic STEM advocate focusing on providing opportunities for underrepresented students.

She has written numerous songs with lyrics that reflect her inner monologue, with her latest release being "Bring Me Down." Omar wants to remind us with this track to "Put your life and soul in something that makes you happy. Don't let anyone bring you down– be carefree. :)"

SJ: Hi Diana! We’re so excited to sit and chat about your music and your latest project!

DO: Thank you for having me! I’m happy to chat.

1. SJ: So you’re a singer-songwriter from Maryland and just about your first year at Yale! Can you tell us more about your musical background and how you started to sing and write your own music?

DO: I have been singing pretty much my whole life. There are some home videos where I would fake playing the guitar while singing Adele songs. I started formal piano and voice lessons at age six, and I began playing the violin at age nine. My songwriting journey didn’t begin until I was 14 when my piano teacher encouraged me to improvise my repertoire. Ever since then, I’ve been writing songs as an escape from classical music structure.

2. SJ: You’re also a very big STEM advocate. Can you tell us about what that is and what it means to you? Has being involved with STEM, inspired you in any way musically?

DO: Of course! My STEM journey started with Lego robots at the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland and eventually became my ultimate comfort zone. After being part of all-girls robotics teams for about 11 years, I began understanding the importance of adequate STEM representation. To me, STEM and music reinforce each other. It has definitely helped my creative and technical skills flourish. That’s why I use my music platform to inspire young minds to pursue STEM fields.

3. SJ: You just released a new single, "Bring Me Down." What inspired you to write this track? Can you tell us your songwriting process behind the track?

DO: I actually started writing “Bring Me Down” back in January but didn’t finish it until May! I used a ton of samples but added my own touch with synths and arpeggiators. I was mostly inspired by life itself– keeping a positive outlook on life despite obstacles.

4. SJ: What does your recording process look like, and what was it like for “Bring Me Down”? Do you record, produce, or engineer yourself or go to a studio?

DO: I have my own mic setup in my house, but I still have a lot to learn about producing and mixing, haha. Once the track was finished, I sent it over to Andrei from RedSpace Studios to mix.

5. SJ: What is one song you wish Diana Omar wrote?

DO: "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. It’s honestly such a classic with a nice groove to it.

SJ: What’s next for you? More singles, more live performances? DO: I’m mostly excited to start my educational journey, but I am definitely working on some songs that will be released in the near future!


Stream "Bring Me Down" below!


Songwriting, Performance: Diana Omar

Engineered: RedSpace Studios


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