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Five Fast Facts: The Eiffels' "Patient"

The Eiffels have been all over, from the Vans' Warped Tour to opening for X Ambassadors and Plain White T's. Their debut album was the 15th most added record on US college radio the year it was released, being placed on alternative stations like KROQ, KLOS, and 91X. Their music also gained placement in TV, Film, and video games like Netflix's Kissing Booth 2, Rock Band 4, and MTV's Teen Mom 2. Together they've released multiple singles and an EP. Their last release was back in 2021 with their three-track single featuring their popular "Patient," a song lead singer Sean Ulbs describes as "...about someone giving you the feeling like you have everything you need." The Eiffels are currently cooking up some new tracks, with one being released today! Stef from The MIC sat down with The Eiffels and discussed their last release and what's next for the band in our Five Fast Facts.

1. SJ: Hey guys! Excited to talk about the band and your latest project. Can you start off by giving us some background on The Eiffels? How was the band formed, who are the members, what instruments they play, and how did you come up with the band name?

TE: Thanks for having us! I started writing songs around 2015 while working with a friend, Ethan Kaufmann, in his studio. Jade was a friend and would visit the studio. Jade joined the band just in time to play bass for our first tour.

As I was putting together the first songs, I was considering an endless list of band names. It seemed everything I was interested in was taken. Then The Eiffels came to mind one day. I liked that it felt like something monumental, a spectacle.

2. SJ: How would you describe your musical style and genre? Would you say your lyrics are most important, or the music?

TE: I love rock music, but more specifically, I love music that's fun. The Eiffels have been described as dancey or synth rock.

The importance of lyrics depends on the song for me. Some artists and songs, you want a depth or cleverness to the lyrics. Other songs may be all about the music.

3. SJ: Your last release was back in 2021, a three-song release with two of the tracks previously released as singles. From a marketing perspective, that was a smart strategy, with the first single, "Patient," first released in 2020, gaining the most attention. Can you tell us a little bit about the three tracks? Do you view them as a cohesive project or concept album? Or as more separate entities?

TE: Releasing singles can give listeners more of an opportunity to appreciate each song. There's so much new music; multiple releases can help to cut through.

These are singles, but they're linked by their time and place and will likely be part of a larger release.

4. SJ: What was your writing process like for this, collaborative or individual? Recording process?

TE: I recorded the initial demos at my home studio, and we brought them into the studio to get them big and polished.

5. SJ: What is your favorite The Eiffels song? What's one song you wish The Eiffels wrote?

TE: I think my current favorite that we've released is "Collide." I love the music, story, and playing it live. We've been closing with it at our recent shows. But the new unreleased songs are my favorite, so I'm looking forward to getting them out.

Ah, too many to choose from! There are definitely some Prince, Bowie, and Beatles songs in there.

SJ: What's Next for The Eiffels? Turn the three tracks into an EP or album? TE: New music is here! Our new single, "On a Roll," is out July 13 [today!]. It's the first of many. And more live shows this summer and Fall.


Stream "Patient" below!


Songwriting: Sean Ulbs

Producer: Ethan Kaufmann

Mix: Will Brierre


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