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for moses Teams Up with ARH3AD for her Debut Single "Mr. Starman," an Ode to David Bowie

Who doesn't love a good David Bowie tribute? Moses, artist name, ('for moses') is a singer-songwriter who moseys her way through piano and ukulele, also inspired by ARIZONA, Grace Slick, and Fleetwood Mac. for moses says, "if dorky were a genre" it would be her. While music is her passion, she also dabbles in video editing and graphic design, but most of all, she's just a David Bowie-obsessed fan.

"Mr. Starman" is the debut release of 'for moses,' and an ode to Ziggy Stardust himself. Moses spends much of her time surfing the internet for cat memes. And that's when she stumbled upon a fellow cat commenter who ultimately became her collaborator. ARH3AD is a producer from Guadalajara, Mexico, who worked with for moses on "Mr. Starman" to mix, master, and create the ultimate soundscape for the track. The song explains a yearning for wanting to meet Bowie but is ultimately told he is in the sky. for moses sings in the opening lines, "I heard there's a Starman and he's waiting in the sky/I think that I saw him in a sparkle in your eye/Can I wait with him, he's waiting so long/Leave earth to join him in the stars, it's all I want." And finally, the narrator meets their idol, "I spoke to the Starman, and he's such a lovely guy/I think that I will be quite happy here in the sky/But will you join us, we can wait a while/There's room for you here in the stars, they go for miles" and might just want to stick around and stay there instead.

LONG STORY SHORT: From cat commenters to collaborators for moses and ARH3AD, create an atmospheric track that will make you feel like you're floating between the stars too.


Stream "Mr. Starman" below!

ARH3AD | Instagram | Soundcloud


Songwriting, Recording: for moses

Mixed, Mastered: ARH3AD


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