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Get Into the Holiday Spirit & "Sing Together on Christmas" with Monique Angele's New Track

Monique Angele is a Canadian-Australian operatic pop singer-songwriter and pianist. Through studying classical opera, she discovered her own sound by writing heartfelt and self-reflective lyrics while blending her classical influences with modern pop sounds. To add to Angele’s growing catalog and to celebrate the holiday season, she released “Sing Together on Christmas.” This touching track, also paired with a music video, was penned during the COVID lockdown, when being together, especially on Christmas, was something so many of us yearned for. Monique Angle explains, “where we all want to be together, sing together, and love one another. Through difficult times we should all try to love one another and care for each other.”

"Sing Together on Christmas"

Written, Performed: Monique Angele

Produced, Mixed: Sean Peter O’Sullivan from Highway 9 Productions

Mastered: Joseph Carra from Crystal Mastering

Label: AR Recordings

Artwork: Shawn Burgess

In the words of Monique Angele: “I wrote it during the time I did because it felt right, and the writing process just came out naturally. I usually always write my songs when I’m feeling something very deeply, some kind of emotion or I get inspired by something. The lyrics came first because I was thinking about how I truly felt about Christmas and especially during the pandemic. I was trying to portray a song that was happy and hopeful yet sad at the same time.”

LONG STORY SHORT: While “Sing Together on Christmas” begins both gentle and emotional, it traverses into a more lively and festive piece, complete with Monique Angele’s strong vocals. This track is sure to spark your holiday spirit!


Stream "Sing Together on Christmas" below!


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