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Hear the "SNOWFALL" with Jai Winter

Jai Winter is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and engineer. Growing up in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jai Winter learned how to have tough skin, while learning about the dangers of the city. Taking his experiences and musical influences like Kendrick Lamar and Nipsey Hussle, Jai Winter was able to start creating his own music paying homage to the West Coast hip-hop scene.

jai winter "SNOWFALL"


Songwriting, Performance: Jai Winter

Produced: Splited

In the words of Jai Winter: "Sometimes you can't even trust your own parent."

jai winter "SNOWFALL"

LONG STORY SHORT: Jai Winter's "SNOWFALL" is a very concise track clocking in at only 1:49. You can hear the Kendrick Lamar influences in his vocal timbre, melodic bars, and flow. He recounts his childhood while rapping, "Momma didn't know it/ but she had us in them, projects/ growing up, my environment/been on that survival shit/youngin' dying next to me, filiated on rival shit." "SNOWFALL" takes a step back in time with Jai Winter while he grapples with the world he came from.


Stream "SNOWFALL" below!


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