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Pop in the Front, Prog in the Back: Hexagon Cat's Musical Mullet, "Sorry"

Just when you thought prog and pop couldn't be used in the same sentence, Hexagon Cat was born to prove us wrong. Rising from the ashes of their previous band, Moon Days, this South Jersey collective joined together at the height of the pandemic in March of 2020 and began writing and recording their debut album. Members Jake Fuscia, Joe Fuscia, John Mosley, Eric Bauberger, and Mike Britt cull their wide range of influences from The Flaming Lips to The Beatles and Hideki Taniuchi to create their unique sound. Hexagon Cat also explains that they have been heavily inspired by album covers with "fun themes such as the mysteries of love and life, crushing guilt and sorrow, losing your mind, and watching anime.

"Sorry" is their lead single from their debut album, Blue Hexagon, released earlier this year. Staring with cascading keys, the ethereal atmosphere is solidified early. While the lyrics are straightforward and minimal, they fit the track perfectly. While the repeated phrase "I'm sorry I pushed you away" begins at 0:23, the vocals are farther away and harder to hear. But as the track progresses, the vocals become closer, allowing the narrative to become more convincing. The harmonies add to the track's celestial ambiance, which creates a very summer-esque easy going vibe, but takes a prog turn at 2:21.

LONG STORY SHORT: Hexagon Cat's "Sorry" is like a mullet; business in the front, party in the back. Or really, pop in the front, prog in the back, the sound that makes Hexagon Cat who they are. They're a perfect blend of musically interesting and easy listening.


Stream "Sorry" below!


Written by - Jake Fuscia

Drums, Keys, Vocals - Jake Fuscia

Guitar, Bass - Joe Fuscia

Guitar, Vocals - John Mosley

Guitar Vocals - Eric Bauberger

Guitar, Bass - Mike Britt

Produced by - Jake Fuscia & Carl Bahner

Engineered at: The Bins by Mike Britt and The Kaleidoscope by Jon Smith and Ben Roth


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