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*Holiday* On The MIC with Jake Roggenkamp performing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" Cover

On this Holiday On The MIC episode this season, we're treated to a festive performance by Jake Roggenkamp, performing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" on vocals, guitar, and harmonica!

Why Jake Roggenkamp chose "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

""I'll Be Home for Christmas" is easily my favorite Christmas song. It's a perfect example of what makes a great song: simple lyrics with flourishes of poetry that deliver a sincere message all wrapped together by a beautiful melody and chord structure. It's timeless songs like this that inspire me to continue improving my writing; there is magic in these old songs and all writers should be aspiring to capture a similar magic in their work, in my opinion." -Jake Roggenkamp


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from The MIC!


  Check out Jake Roggenkamp's performance "On The MIC" below!


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