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Introducing The MIC Music Group: Mag & Label Services!

Introducing, The MIC Music Group: Mag & Label Services! ✨

The idea of evolving the blog into a larger tool for independent and emerging artists has been something we’ve been working on for a while, and were so excited to finally share this with you today!

At The MIC MG, we want to rewrite the narrative for indie artists by providing them with tools for success! Traditionally exclusive to labels, The MIC MG is breaking barriers and extending our essential label services through a range of promotional, à la carte, and packaged options.

We’re keeping The MIC blog the same, but now referring to it as The MIC Mag, with its own, brand new Instagram page, just for articles. We’ll also now offer packaged promotional options on the blog. 

We could not be more excited about this new step. Check out our new website on and stay tuned for the latest articles with @themicmag!

📨 To learn more about our label services contact:

📨 To learn more about our coverage options on The MIC Mag, contact:


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