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Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven Resurrects 2010’s -core in new single, "Breathe For Me"

Emerging from Boston, MA, Late 9 has carved their niche as a dynamic metalcore/post-hardcore outfit, renowned for their explosive verses, unforgettable choruses, and weighty sonic tapestries. Drawing parallels with iconic acts like Dayseeker, Blessthefall, and Sleeping With Sirens, the band skillfully revitalizes the nostalgic essence of 2010s -core, infusing it with a contemporary twist. With "Peace Of Mind" (2020) and "Thanks To You" (2023) as their accomplished EPs, Late 9 is currently poised to release a series of singles culminating in an eagerly awaited upcoming EP. Today, August 25th, Late 9's latest release "Breathe For Me" has arrived in collaboration with Australian rising stars Patient Sixty-Seven, following the viral success of "Repeated Apology," which significantly expanded their fan base and catalyzed their prominent presence in the music scene.

Late 9 Photo Credit: Tia-Alexi Roberts

Photo Credit: Tia-Alexi Roberts

"Breathe For Me (Ft. Patient Sixty-Seven)"

Production, Mix, Master: Chris Piquette

Vocals: Kyle Farrar

Guitar: Dennis Burt

Guitar: Jaie Beaudet

Drums: Chris Jordan

Bass: Shaye Pagel

In the words of Late 9: "We started releasing music back in 2020, pushing the very important message that our songs are highly revolved around mental health and substance abuse awareness,” says Farrar. “With every high there is a low and vice versa, that's why our songs consist of both aspects lyrically. Nothing can be perfect, but we want each track to end with a light at the end of the tunnel - that is what Late 9 is all about. Living hopeful, and strong, and prevailing through the lows, to live to see the highs - one big family!"

In the words of Patient Sixty-Seven: "When they hit me up to be apart of ‘Breathe for Me’ I was so excited,” says Kiely. “I love how bouncy and heavy the track is, and I’m just stoked we can link up from across the world! Super grateful they let me hop on and scream my lungs out with them!"

"Breathe For Me" Late 9 (Feat. Patient Sixty-Seven)

LONG STORY SHORT: "Breathe For Me" starts with a vibrating guitar riff walking us into the blistering energy of Patient Sixty-Seven's Tom Kiely. His throaty screams juxtapose the melodic verses of Late 9's Kyle Farrar as he sings, "For so long/You've been hanging onto me/Feels so wrong/Can't fight the hurt of waking up without you." The interplay between the instrument textures and vocal timbres, particularly showcased in the call-and-response style verses, paints a captivating sonic tapestry of vigorous ferocity. With tight drums, driving rhythms, and assertive riffs, Late 9 and Patient Sixty-Seven's "Breathe For Me" is a well-produced, high-voltage track that will have you reliving the '10's all over again.


Stream "Breathe For Me (Ft. Patient Sixty-Seven)" below!


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