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Lost Foxes Seem to Find Their Musical Identity in their Latest Single "Petrichor"

Lost Foxes, hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Greenville, South Carolina, is a captivating indie-pop ensemble that has carved a unique path with their infectious melodies and poignant storytelling. Since their inception in 2020, the band has remained in perpetual motion, fervently crafting new musical tales that leave listeners entranced. With the ethereal resonance of their single "Petrichor," Lost Foxes gracefully solidified their place in the indie-pop scene. Comprising the enchanting vocal artistry of Duncan Therrell and Sarah Lowry, complemented by the keyboard finesse of Ethan Cancino and the evocative guitar melodies of Andrew McGaughran, Lost Foxes are a shining example of musical ingenuity and auditory delight. Let's take a step into their new track, "Petrichor."

Lost Foxes


Written By: Lost Foxes (Duncan Therrell, Sarah Lowry, Ethan Cancino, and Andrew McGaughran)

Production: Duncan Therrell

In the words of Duncan Therrell: "Petrichor is about the yearning for freedom, the longing for summer to come back, and breaking free from the monotony of daily life. We made this song to inspire others to get out, drive somewhere, do something, just have fun, and enjoy living."

Lost Foxes

LONG STORY SHORT: Lost Foxes' latest track, "Petrichor," is a sensory journey beginning with the soothing sound of rainfall. The gentle electronic keyboards create a surreal backdrop for raw, unfiltered vocals that exude the most authentic energy we've heard from the band to date. As the song unfolds, delicate acoustic strumming and swells of strings enhance the emotional depth of the composition. "Petrichor" stands out as the band's strongest offering to date, hitting its stride around the 0:50 mark when the drums make a dynamic entrance. While the production experiments with new techniques, occasionally pushing the boundaries, it adds an intriguing element to the song, showcasing the band's willingness to explore outside their comfort zone. The harmonizing and increased use of backing vocals reveal a newfound transparency, allowing listeners to connect with Lost Foxes on a more personal level, shedding the layers of production that previously concealed their raw essence. "Petrichor" is a testament to the band's evolution and a bold step forward in their musical journey.

"Petrichor" Lost Foxes


Stream "Petrichor" below!


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