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Luke Whalen's Debut EP, 'Maybe This is Who I Am,' takes on Growing Pains and Relationships

Meet Luke Whalen, a 17-year-old independent artist hailing from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, whose musical journey reflects a passion for creating authentic connections through his pop/indie sound. Since delving into the world of music in 2019, Luke has emerged as a multifaceted artist, undertaking every aspect of his craft—from singing and songwriting to mixing, mastering, publishing, and promotion. While his parents, with his mother Gigi's background as a professional singer and his father Chris's prowess as a writer, undoubtedly influenced his artistic DNA, Luke has crafted a distinctive identity of his own. With an impressive debut performance at the Durango Songwriting Expo and a steadily growing presence on platforms like Spotify, where he boasts nearly 250,000 total streams, Luke Whalen's music is a testament to the power of genuine storytelling and the ability of a single song to inspire and transform. Luke just released his debut EP today, Maybe This is Who I Am, inviting listeners to join him on a journey that encapsulates personal growth, evolving perspectives, and the profound impact of his truth-infused lyrics.

Luke Whalen Photo Credit:  Caitlin Carlson

Photo Credit: Caitlin Carlson

Maybe This is Who I Am

Written By: Luke Whalen

"Sixteen" Beat Produced By: sk8miles

"Rooftop" Beat Produced By: Treehouz beats

"Mixed Signals" Beat Produced By: matee and Trent Hays Productions

In the words of Luke Whalen: "Of course, it feels good to get these things off my chest, but for me, it feels even better that others can relate and feel a similar way through these songs."

Luke Whalen Photo Credit:  Caitlin Carlson

Photo Credit: Caitlin Carlson

LONG STORY SHORT: Luke Whalen's debut EP, Maybe This is Who I Am, navigates the intricacies of growing pains and the complexities of relationships. In "Mixed Signals," the gentle acoustic strumming and smooth backing vocals create an indie-folk ambiance reminiscent of artists like Noah Kahan. The track poignantly delves into the emotional rollercoaster of deciphering ambiguous signals in a relationship, encapsulated in the lyric "mixed signals got me feeling like you don't want to stay." "Rooftop Vibes" takes on a laid-back indie pop energy, offering a reflective narrative expressed through concise lyrics like "wishing I could just have stayed the same." While, "Sixteen" takes a vibey approach with a fun beat and quick melodic lines, encapsulating the essence of being 16—carefree yet challenged by adolescence. Whalen's storytelling shines, painting a vivid and relatable picture of personal experiences and emotions throughout Maybe This is Who I Am.

Maybe this is who i am-luke whalen - Album Cover: Samantha Yach

Album Cover: Samantha Yach


Stream Maybe This is Who I Am below!


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