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MØNTE's "23": Emotive and Relatable 5-Minute Journey of Existential Dread and Grappling with Growing Up

MØNTE has been on a roll this year, delivering hit after hit and featuring live performance covers on her Instagram series, MØNTE Mondays, immersing fans in her unique styling of favorite tracks. Highlights include the Valentine's Day love track "Sam's Song" and her cautionary tune "Cowboys." She continues to refine her sound and live set with performances across New Jersey. Inspired by her experiences as a woman in the music industry and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, MØNTE creates songs that are relatable and witty, yet deep and introspective creating an eclectic sound that is driven by pop and enriched with elements of folk and country storytelling.

MØNTE: photo credit Kenny Barney

Photo Credit: Kenny Barney


Lyrics, Composition: Sophia Montalbano/MØNTE

Production, Mix, Master: Deanna Fielding

Electric Guitar: Ryan Datino

In the words of MØNTE:  ""23" is about getting older and feeling strange about it. While writing this song I thought about how certain birthdays are so exciting when we are kids. For me when I was a kid I was so excited to turn 18 and be an adult and 21 when I could finally buy alcohol. When I passed those ages I started to feel very melancholic about my birthday. Being in your 20s in general is a very difficult time so I wanted to write a song about that. I want people to be excited like we were when we were kids about getting older. Aging is beautiful but it's something I know we all slightly dread it."

MØNTE "23" Album Art: Photo Credit Nicole Schwarze

Photo Credit: Nicole Schwarze

LONG STORY SHORT: MØNTE's "23" is an acoustic guitar-driven track that highlights her unique vocal styling. The lyrics are relatable, capturing the struggle of young adulthood with lines like, "I still live with my parents, I'm stuck in the basement, I'm laying on the floor, hit rock bottom a year ago." The song features an incredibly infectious chorus that feels modern and radio-ready. It reflects the realization many face in their 20s, questioning the pursuit of dreams with lines such as, "I don't want to follow my dreams anymore," and the poignant, "but nobody cares anymore, cause everyone forgets what it's like to be 23" before ending with a strong melodic guitar solo. The track is an emotive 5 minutes covering existential dread and grappling with growing up: battling who you want to be and who your parents or society expects you to be. It hits home, and it hits hard.



Stream "23" below! 


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