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Meet Hunter Guzenski: The MIC's February Musician of the Month

Welcome to The MIC's very first Musician of the Month! For our first edition we have February's Musician of the Month, Hunter Guzenski!

Meet Hunter Guzenski:

Hunter Guzenski has been on his musical journey for over 15 years. Before even learning how to play the guitar, he was determined to write songs. Throughout the years, Guzenski has gone through many iterations of his musical style and goals. After aiming to be a strong player with solos and fancy riffs, he realized his true strengths lie in his songwriting and storytelling. This style is evident in his latest record Lady of the Lake, with his band Steam Enginess leading him to more emotionally cathartic songs.

Genre: "I tend to like calling my music “Acoustic Music” because I usually utilize many acoustic instruments to make a large sound. “Fuzz Folk” is a term that floats around my music a lot that I think makes sense and allows people to get a general grasp of the music. With all the different instrumentation starting something like “Baroque Fuzz” would be funny, but I do wear “Fuzz Folk” or simply “Indie Rock” as a badge of honor." -Hunter Guzenski

Band: Steam Enginess

What Makes Hunter Guzenski stand out?

"A strong use of concept and full use of the album format. Where many have gone on to singles and stand-alone tracks, we will strive to make a cohesive work that tells a story and gives listeners a sense of scope and a broader vision of music than just a single song can provide."

Lady of the Lake - Released August 2022

What is Hunter Guzenski known for?

"Fantastical lyrics and songs with deep emotional resonance and a strong sense of melody."

Words From Hunter Guzenski

"Being a musician is equal parts creativity, therapy and compulsion. I can’t say I really chose to be one but that it is something I have to be. Being a musician is not always about prowess or technical ability but how you utilize music for your art. But everyone has their own definition and strengths and weaknesses as a musician, I can only use and speak to mine."

Hunter Guzenski's frequent collaborators

Any advice for an aspiring musician?

"Write as many songs as you can. Once you figure out how you specifically create, then just keep at it and write everything you possibly can. Don’t try to be , write or make a song like anyone else. Figure out your voice and do the best version of your voice you possibly can. Then the rest will be easy." -Hunter Guzenski


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