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Meet MØNTE: The MIC Mag's July Musician of the Month!


MØNTE - PC Nicole Schwarze

Sophia Montalbano, also known by their artist name, MØNTE, is a dynamic singer-songwriter from Red Bank, NJ, whose eclectic, pop-driven sound blends elements of folk and country storytelling. She captivates audiences everywhere she goes including iconic Jersey stages like the Wonder Bar, The Asbury Hotel, and The Stone Pony. An energetic and engaging performer, MØNTE draws on her experiences as a woman in the music industry and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to create songs that are both relatable and introspective. Since starting her musical journey at 15, she has continued to make waves on the East Coast and is currently working on more new music!

This July, The MIC Mag is celebrating, MØNTE and their infectious tunes as our Musician of the Month!

Genre: Pop

Fun Facts: "I love Sonny Angels! And blind boxes, And knick knacks!"

What Makes MØNTE Stand Out?

"My songwriting!"

MØNTE - jeff crespi

What is MØNTE most known for?

"My lyrics and storytelling."

What has MØNTE been working on?

"'Yellow '97.' [It's] a song I had previously released with somebody who I found out was a pathological liar and narcissist. So I'm re-releasing it without this person's voice. I've been holding onto this newer version for a while and now feels like a good time to put it back out into the world. This song is about not wanting to settle for someone but being unsure if you even like the person you want. There's a lot of back-and-forth feelings and an overall melancholic vibe to this song. It's the perfect sad girl summer song."

MØNTE On The MIC for a special Holiday episode performing her song,"Sam's Song"


"I love being a musician and being able to connect with an audience through my music. I think the things I write about are geared towards a younger audience, people like me in my twenties, but I think everyone's timeline is different, you never know who can relate to what. My music is for everyone. As humans we go through so many hardships and songwriting is really my way to cope with those things." - MØNTE


"Yellow '97" MØNTE

Do you have any advice for other aspiring independent musicians?:

"My advice for future aspiring independent artists is to just go for it, a lot of people will try to teach you how to be "successful" but the only true way to be a successful independent artist is to make good art and maybe a dash of luck or magic. And "good art" is totally subjective, art is subjective, so if you believe in your art you might find other people do too."

Listen to MØNTE here


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