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Mythodical Joe is "Unbreakable"

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, and currently based in California, Dante Dumas, artistically known as 'Mythodical Joe,' reinvents himself after a 10-year creative hiatus. Stef from The MIC sits down with Mythodical Joe to talk about his journey and one of his favorite tracks off his new record, "Unbreakable."

SJ: Hey, Mythodical Joe, and welcome to The MIC! We are so excited to chat about your new project.

MJ: Thank you so very much for having me!

SJ: You started your musical journey quite a bit ago. You started writing just poetry. What made you decide to turn that into songs?

MJ: I've always been creative and a writer—short stories, poems, etc. In high school, I saw a bunch of kids rapping at lunch. One day in high school, I kinda freestyled a poem to a beat being made on the lunch table. The rest is history. I wanted in on the "spotlight" and the attention, so I freestyled a poem.

SJ: You were born in Frankfurt, Germany, to a military family that was always on the move. How did that experience growing up affect your songwriting?

MJ: I got the chance to live in different states and countries, having different experiences and cultures. That allowed me to broaden my horizons and input those experiences into my music.

SJ: That's great that you had those opportunities to broaden your horizons. In 2005, you won a rap battle in California hosted by the local radio station 90.3FM! How did that win to play a part in your musical journey?

MJ: I honestly didn't expect to win, but when I did, I was noticed by a local group which opened up the avenue to start networking with other artists and recording my own content.

SJ: So you ended up joining the group called HGP (Home Grown Productions) under the name "Small Money." With that group, you released two indie albums. What was the best part of that experience with HGP?

MJ: We were a very unlikely and eclectic diverse group: two white guys, three Hispanic guys, one Hispanic chic, and myself. We did a lot of shows and events around town. It was a lot of fun being a part of something bigger than us as individuals. For me, the best part was performing on stage and seeing the fan love for the group.

Photo Credits: Ty Mabrey at Bang Zoom Pow

SJ: Following that, you released a solo album but ultimately quit the scene for a decade. In 2019, your daughter inspired you to pick up your old craft and re-emerged as "Mythodical Joe." What part of that conversation led you back to music?

MJ: At the time, "mumble rap" was becoming a thing, and my 14-year-old daughter only really cared about the beat of whatever hit song was out. I asked her one day, "Do you even know what they're saying"? She replied, "No." I shook my head, but that was the moment I needed to get back into the studio to show her and her generation where the art of hip-hop started and what it meant to me as a person and as an artist.

SJ: What do you hope to accomplish this time around as Mythodical Joe?

MJ: I want to put out projects with meaning, story-telling, and forethought. Tracks that make you replay them multiple times because you pick up on something different each time; content that makes you think and reflect on life or your own situations/circumstances.

SJ: You just released your debut record, Something to Say. Congrats! Let's talk about your track "Unbreakable," featuring Aylius. What was the writing process for this track?

MJ: Well, in working on the album, it was suggested by my people at Ashanti Management that I write something personal, vulnerable, and relatable. So I sat and thought about it for a couple of weeks, reflecting on my life and everything I've been through from birth to the present. And I decided to write about all of my near-death experiences.

Photo Credits: Ty Mabrey at Bang Zoom Pow

SJ: Aylius' addition to this song really takes the track to another level. Did you write this collaboratively?

MJ: No, sadly, Aylius passed away last year. (RIP) His vocals were already on the track, and when I heard it, I knew it would fit the subject matter of what I had already written.

SJ: I'm so sorry to hear that. The vocals really sound great with the track. What was the recording process like for this track? Where did you record and who produced it?

MJ: Shout out to my guy DJ Rek and The SoundLounge down in San Diego.

I've known Rek for some years now, and I recorded most of the album there. The very talented Freek Van Workum out in the Netherlands produced the track.

SJ: How would you describe "Unbreakable"? What is the story behind it?

MJ: The song deals with all of my near-death experiences, from being a two-and-a-half-month premature baby with respiratory distress and a heart murmur to a failed suicide attempt, to being shot, to being injured in Kuwait. I wanted to showcase all of that to say I'm still here, and I'm here for a reason.

SJ: That's a beautiful reason to write. What is your favorite song off this record? Which track do you think describes you best or highlights your artistry the best?

MJ: I hate 'em all…lol So kidding! That's a tough one. There are so many to choose from. Let's see, my favorite would be "Unbreakable," but the track that best describes me would be "Like That," and the one that highlights my artistry would be "Better."

SJ: What's next for Mythodical Joe? Live shows, more music?

MJ: Well, I want to shoot three more videos off of this album by the end of summer. I'm working on a summer line-up of shows and will be getting to work on the next album entitled "Relationship Status" in the fall.

SJ: So excited! It was such a pleasure to sit down and talk about your journey and "Unbreakable," we can't wait to see what's next for you!

MJ: Thank you so much for having me. It was an honor and a pleasure!

LONG STORY SHORT: If you're looking for a new rap track to add to your playlist, look no further than Mythodical Joe's "Unbreakable"!


Stream "Unbreakable" below!


Songwriting, Performance- Dante Dumas Production: Bailey Merrill (Aylius) Recorded: The SoundLounge Studios, San Diego Album Art: Ty Mabrey at Bang Zoom Pow


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