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On The MIC with Kate Dressed Up: Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst Cover

On this episode of our On The MIC Cover Series, we're treated to a performance of Conor Oberst's "Cape Canaveral," covered by the very talented Kate Dressed Up!

Why Kate Dressed Up Rocks:

  • has toured all over the Eastern US from Boston to Chicago & as far south as North Carolina

  • named one of the "32 N.J. bands and artists you need to hear in 2022" by

  • released an incredible record In Another Lifetime and is about to release it on Vinyl!

Read more about Kate Dressed Up:

Why Kate Dressed Up chose "Cape Canaveral"

"I chose Cape Canaveral by Conor Oberst because to me it is a song that captures the tension between the acceptance of a mundane, small life and the feeling of a potential glorious destiny just over the horizon, and the notion that these things are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The narrator observes this tension and questions it and their own role in the grand scheme. The line, "Victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats," has always stood out to me as a reminder to appreciate the magic even when (or especially when) reality doesn't quite match the vision. It's about not losing sight of the bigger picture. We may not ever achieve what we initially set out to, but the effort--and whatever it brings, both good and bad--is what matters in the end. It's what connects us to one another and ourselves to find our own unique place in the composition of an unimaginably infinite Universe." 

  Check out Kate Dressed Up's performance "On The MIC" below!


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