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On The MIC with Songbird performing "Stubborn"

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This week Songbird flies in for a fun, exclusive live performance of her track, "Stubborn" On The MIC!

Why Songbird Rocks

  • singer-songwriter from NJ

  • inspired by the great, Miley Cyrus

  • starting taking classical piano and voice lessons at 7 years old

  • wrote her first song at 15, has been creating music ever since!

  • Fun Fact!: She was born on a leap year, 2/29/2000! So technically Songbird is only 5 and 3/4s.

About "Stubborn" "Stubborn is such a special song to me. The song talks about how so many relationships around us have failed and it scared me. But our love is so strong and we’re too stubborn to let go! It just shows that relationships can work and it’s ok to love the way you want to! Now I’m engaged and more in love than ever! Just because other relationships may not work out, doesn’t mean yours won’t." - Songbird

Check out Songbird's performance "On The MIC" below!


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