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Sucker Punch's new single "Worst Case Ontario" is Made for Headbanging

Starting out as a solo venture, Montclair NJ's Sucker Punch quickly turned into a full band of lifelong friends. Inspired by the nostalgic early 00's emocore and the new resurgence of emo and pop punk Suck Punch deliver a fresh take on the genre with their self-reflective lyrics and dynamics. The band is currently cooking up a new four-track EP to be released this fall titled, Better Pleasures, and just released the lead single from the record, "Worst Case Ontario." Let's take a bite into that track.

Sucker Punch by Alex Collins

Photo Credit: Alex Collins

"Worst Case Ontario"

Songwriting: Sucker Punch

Production: Pat Risi of Bear Away Studios

Mix: Matt Weber of Gradwell House Recordings

Mastered: Dave Downham of Gradwell House Recordings

Music Video: Eric DiCarlo of SquareUp Studios

Vocals: Chris Steele

Guitar: Billy Butka

Drums: Tyler Patchell

Guitar, Harsh Vocals: Giulio Bozzone

Bass: Will Smith

Guitar, Vocals: Andy Katz

In the words of Guitarist Billy Butka: “Worst Case Ontario is based off of the universe for cult classic movie Jennifer's Body. It's about a temptress luring you in, just to have your heart ripped out. We suppose those who've had their hearts metaphorically ripped out can relate as well.”

Sucker Punch "Worst Case Ontario"

LONG STORY SHORT: Sucker Punch's "Worst Case Ontario" tastes similar to Sum 41's "Walking Disaster." Complete with strong rhythm guitars, hard-hitting drums, and the perfect blend of melodic and harsher vocals. The lyrics outline an electrifying relationship, "I'm dying to feel your body lying next to mine," with foreshadowing that it may not be as blissful as it once seemed singing, "...I'm wrapped around your fingertips/ last breath before you kill me from the inside." The music video, directed by Eric DiCarlo is a hilariously entertaining depiction of this energy as lead singer, Chris Steele, slowly transforms into a violent monster after drinking a mysterious beer. Sucker Punch's "Worst Case Ontario" is a track made for headbanging. And, an immediate pop-punk playlist add.


Stream "Worst Case Ontario" below!


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