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Take This "Long Ride" with the Lost Foxes

Lost Foxes is an emerging band from Greenville, South Carolina, made up of three guys playing guitar, synth, keyboard, and drums. Determined to craft their own unique sound, they pull from their influences, AJR, Twenty-øne-pilots, and Why Not. Last month, Lost Foxes band released their third project and latest single, "Long Ride," which is a tribute to the trio's connection and friendship and dealing with the criticism that comes with being an artist constructively.

"Long Ride"

Written, Performed, Produced: Lost Foxes

Artwork: Inksmything

In the words of Lost Foxes: "We had a blast creating this song. We started off with a chord progression on an electric guitar which we recorded in my friend's living room. I took it home, recorded some drums and other instruments to add some spice to it, then I finally added the vocals. The lyrics were inspired by the friendship I have with my bandmates and how I couldn't choose anyone else to be by my side in the journey we're going through."

LONG STORY SHORT: Lost Foxes' "Long Ride" is electronic but minimalist with few layers peppered in. You can hear the narrative the group is sharing about the musical journey they are embarking on and how they have to prepare for it singing, "But it feels like/It's gonna be a long ride…And I can't find no one else/To be by my side." Next up for this group is releasing their next studio album, so stay tuned for that release!


Stream "Long Ride" below!


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