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"Take Your Time" and Enjoy Pocket Sun's New Single

From across the pond in Bristol, UK, comes Pocket Sun. Marring together progressive rock and psychedelia with modern-day electronica, they successfully capture their own synth-pop sound. Their first self-produced single, released in 2019, titled "Plastic," gained attention from BBC, calling their track "such a feel-good, sublime sound." Since then, Pocket Sun have released a handful of singles and EPs with their latest EP, "Binocular," produced by Ali Chant, who has worked with many notable artists, including Mark Ronson, Soccer Mommy, and PJ Harvey.

This year, the group released another single, "Take Your Time,"; a track that will have you spinning into Tame Impala's orbit. Pocket Sun describes the song: "The track is about taking chances and embracing a new path when things feel stuck or are no longer fulfilling. It's the point where you've come to terms with the fact that you're the only one who can make the change and have to overcome the vulnerability of stepping into the unknown." Coming to the conclusion that you have to overcome your own vulnerability to make the changes only you can make is a tough pill to swallow and often takes many years to come to that understanding. But Pocket Sun frames that message in a wall that will lull you and accept the message; from the syrupy vocals and the melodic synths, you'll feel like you're in a hypnotic dreamscape. In the 3:29 minute track, they even sneak in improvisational elements, including a jam from 0:57-1:23.

LONG STORY SHORT: "Take Your Time" is a track you will feel in your body; it will make you sway along to the synths and might even make you get up to dance.

Artwork: Gina Tratt


Stream "Take Your Time" below!


Songwriting: Gina Tratt

Vocals, Synths: Gina Tratt

Bass: Beau Hulse

Drums: Hugh Serjeant

Guitar: Laurence Fazakerly-Buglass

Engineered and Mixed: Josh Best of Shaw at Small Hours Studio

Mastered: James Trevascus

Artwork, Animation (YouTube Visualizer): by Gina Tratt


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