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the dt's Create a "Refresh" on Classic Rock in their Latest Single

Your favorite power duo is back with a banger. Dave and Tom of the dt's have been creating harmonies together since 2020, and late last year, The MIC had the opportunity to sit down to talk about their creative process, music, and gear. Fresh off the hype of their debut EP, the pair wasted no time before releasing another track!

"Refresh" began as a melody Dave was just humming at his desk at work that he quickly recorded as a voice note. After recently experiencing a fallout with friends, Dave was inspired and wrote the lyrics and music almost simultaneously. "Refresh" was all recorded at their home studios and the first track out of Garage Band for the pair after switching to Pro Tools. The song begins as a heart-wrenching power ballad with just vocals and piano but slowly builds with string swells in added drama. With the addition of the strings and staccato violin at 1:36 to Tom's descending major motif, the arrangement becomes very well-rounded. At 2:43, the harmonies of Dave and Tom enter before a face-melting guitar solo compliments to Tom's Dad's vintage Rockman headphone amp. The dt's describe "Refresh" as "a song about having the urge of checking or "Refreshing" the social media page of someone you once knew, whether that is a friend, former lover, or someone who has passed on from this world. However, in the end, you realize that it is unhealthy to incessantly investigate someone's social media, and the best option is for you to move on." The dt's perfectly blend modern problems with a vintage twist.

LONG STORY SHORT: "Refresh" is cinematic; a song you could wave your lighter to if people still did that sort of thing. The dt's are mastering their own genre of modern classic rock.


Stream "Refresh" below!


Song Writing: Dave Cacciatore and Tom Losito Performance: Dave Cacciatore and Tom Losito

Mixing, Mastering: Nick Ryan


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