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Velvety Vocals and Seductive Synths: Tiger La Flor's "rope bunny"

Tigerlily, now known by her artist name Tiger La Flor (or Tiger del Flor), initially found her musical footing in Seattle before blossoming into an indie pop sensation in Hollywood. Having fronted an all-girl grunge outfit, she's since embarked on a solo journey, marked by notable appearances on Love Island USA, SXSW, and a devoted social media following. With millions of Spotify streams under her belt, she seamlessly merges nostalgia with her grunge and pop influences, crafting a distinctive sound that's garnered editorial support from leading playlists like Spotify's "Indie Pop" and Amazon Music’s "Indie Dance." Notably, she's a vocal advocate for AAPI representation in entertainment. Following the success of her 2023 and early 2024 releases, Tiger La Flor recently unveiled "rope bunny," a track infused with '80s-inspired vibes.

Tiger La Flor Photo Credit: Cole Lederer

Photo Credit: Cole Lederer

"rope bunny"

Songwriting, Performance: Tiger La Flor

Production: Izzy Perri

Mix: Daniel Brooks

Mastered: John Davis

In the words of Tiger La Flor: "The inspiration behind rope bunny is so random. I was in Austin to perform at SXSW and met the most handsome guy visiting from Dallas. He used to be Mister Luxembourg and spoke French. One of the shows we saw together during SXSW (which was also arguably the coolest live show I’ve ever seen) was this sick 80s-inspired brother duo. We kept talking when I went back to Los Angeles after SXSW, and I wanted to surprise him with a song to keep things alive so I wrote him this over-the-top 80s-inspired track which ended up being ‘rope bunny.’ I made him teach me French over FaceTime so I could record the introduction of the song. We never saw each other again and he ended up moving back to Europe, but glad to say he approved of the song."

rop bunny- Tiger La Flor album art By: Cole Lederer

Album Art Credit: Cole Lederer


Tiger La Flor's latest track, "rope bunny," pulses with synths reminiscent of The 1975, setting a seductive tone with sensual French whispers in the intro. Her velvety vocals effortlessly ride over a groovy beat, crafting an atmosphere that's both upbeat and brimming with lust. The lyrics, adorned with sugary sweetness, ignite feelings of desire and passion, with the chorus singing, "kiss me hard sugar/ sweet like whipped cream/ wanna be your rope bunny honey make a scene." Beneath the surface allure lies a raw honesty, knowing she's being blinded by lust, embracing vulnerability as she allows her lover to "trash my heart like a hotel room." This track is lively, sultry, and brings back the nostalgic vibes La Flor is known for.

"rope bunny" Official Music Video


Stream "rope bunny" below!


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