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Turn Your Dive Bar into Madison Square Garden with Spaceage’s 'Visibox'

If you're a gigging musician looking to take your performances to the next level, look no further. Visibox by Spaceage is an app available on either Mac or Windows, allowing performers to control a video like a musical instrument. Performers can connect a video projector to a laptop computer, and suddenly your local club or Twitch stream turns into Madison Square Garden.

Visibox is a new category of software they're calling an "Audiovisual Performance Environment" or APE. Before, there was cumbersome and convoluted visual sequencing or VJ software, but now with Visibox, performers can quickly and seamlessly connect and control concert visuals on any stage. While many users already use Visibox with a projector, you can also link up a television or any other monitor! Visibox also can seamlessly integrate as an input to the OBS live streaming app for Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, or any other streaming service to create an immersive experience anywhere.


"Performers are itching to play shows in 2023," says Robbins. "Visibox can help make these shows even more compelling. This is a new type of creative tool, and I'm excited to see how people will use it." - Jeff Robbins.


With gigging musicians in mind and as the main focus of Visibox, this app works with MIDI keyboards, foot-pedals, or even drum pads to allow for flexible control while playing guitar, drums, keyboards, or another instrument. If you use backing tracks, you can also control those with the app. Visibox is also compatible with Elgato's popular Stream Deck Controllers, and any video, images, or camera clip preview will appear right across the device's buttons!

The Visibox app was developed by Spaceage, a software company founded by Jeff Robbins. Robbins understands the music landscape the best as an accomplished songwriter and musician who was signed to A&M Records for seven years touring with his band Orbit. After, Robbins started Lullabot, a digital interactive agency with a robust list of clients, including The Grammys, Sony Music, MTV, NBC, TBS, Tesla, and Google. Jeff Robbins is focused on Visibox, who just participated in 2023's SXSW in Texas and will be demoing at this year's NAMM in California April 13-15th!

Available for Windows and Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon) in English and Spanish. You can try a 14-day free trial, or purchase a subscription for only $8.99/month, $89/year, or $340/lifetime!

LONG STORY SHORT: Let your creativity run wild with Visibox. Your options are endless; let your dive bar become Madison Square Garden. Subscribe and Download now!


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