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Two Countries, Three Rappers: ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE, Pupa Tee, Rhaffy release summer track "EARTHQUAKE"

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Though they're miles apart, ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE, Pupa Tee, and Rhaffy come together to create a rap hit. ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE is an artist and sound engineer hailing from Montreal, Canada. He aims to "make smooth midnight songs that can make people feel the memories and feelings that he lived while creating them." Through previous collaborations, he met Nigerian-based dancehall and afrobeat artist Pupa Tee known for his lyrical delivery. Feeling like there needed to be another voice on the track, Pupa Tee reached out to Rhaffy to complete the song. Rhaffy is also based in Nigeria, creating music in a wide range of genres, including Pop, Reggae, R&B, and Afrobeats. Together this trio creates a strong collaboration with their rap banger, "EARTHQUAKE."

the null rays



Singer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer: ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE, RHAFFY

Singer, Songwriter: Pupa Tee

Producer: Alann Ulises

pupa tee

Pupa Tee

In the words of Pupa Tee: “The title Earthquake is a phenomenal example of a party going on somewhere which causes the whole city to shake. Getting to the party and as soon as you get there, you see so many pretty girls with beautiful bodies shaking their hips to the rhythm of our song. The movement of their bodies only enhances the vibration and tremors of the whole place... that almost causes an earthquake.”

midnight at high moon null rays

LONG STORY SHORT: ACTHEKiDFROMSPACE, Pupa Tee, and Rhaffy's "EARTHQUAKE" will shake your speakers. From the infectious beat to the energy from each artist to the catchy chorus, you'll have your next playlist add.




Stream "EARTHQUAKE" below!


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