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Two Scorpios, One Birthday Bash: Tim Carbone and Bobby Syvarth's Thursday Night Special at Krogh's

Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and Bobby Syvarth Celebrated both of their birthdays Thursday Night at Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub in Sparta

Tim Carbone, Bobby Syvarth-The MIC

Photo Credit: Stefani M.C. Janelli

As Scorpio season is in full swing, Thursday night was a night to celebrate two of Krogh's favorite musicians, Tim Carbone and Bobby Syvarth.

This dynamic duo has marked their special day together on numerous occasions, creating memorable moments at iconic venues such as Don Quixote’s International Music Hall in Felton, California, the Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco, and the famous Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Fondly considering Krogh's as their old stomping grounds, the atmosphere of their double Birthday Bash felt like a homecoming.

The night was opened with a captivating performance by the local favorite, Maribyrd, performing selections from her latest album, "Moments." Captivated by the acoustic strums and soulful melodies, the audience all swayed along to their own beat. As the night unfolded, Syvarth nostalgically recounted moments of making music with Maribyrd and numerous other local musicians throughout the years, adding a layer of personal history to the musical celebration.

As the birthday pair took the stage, a full band, featuring local legends such as Geoff Doubleday on guitar and vocals, Paul Kuzik on bass and vocals, Dave DeRiso on drums, and Dan Myers on saxophone, joined them. One talented bunch.

The cohesion within the band was strikingly apparent to the audience, especially as they seamlessly navigated tunes with expansive jam breaks and delivered crowd-pleasing covers like The Who's "Join Together." Tim Carbone showcased his expertise with wailing violin solos, consistently elevating each song. Noteworthy among the night's highlights were the infectious grooves laid down by Kuzik's bass lines, providing a funky foundation for every tune. Bobby Syvarth anchored the group, serving as the steadfast leader, guiding the band through each song and break with unwavering presence.

One of the best parts of the Krogh's experience lies in the proximity to the band, allowing the audience to stand practically alongside them, absorbing their energy as they jammed the night away. The atmosphere was saturated with infectious grooves, embodying the progressive style reminiscent of Carbone's Railroad Earth, yet also evoking the dynamic essence of the best elements of the Dave Matthews Band.

Tim Carbone, Bobby Syvarth-The MIC

Photo Credit: Stefani M.C. Janelli

LONG STORY SHORT: Tim Carbone and Bobby Syvarth's Double Birthday Bash was an exceptionally talented night. With every jam, the energy became infectious, and the late-night Thursday atmosphere was charged with vitality.

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