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Vulnerability Meets Raw Expressionism: Joe Billy's 'Fissure (Deluxe Edition)'

Introducing Joe Billy, the quintessential acoustic punk artist who embodies the essence of introspection and angst. With a musical style that seamlessly merges energetic punk with the raw authenticity of folk, Joe Billy offers a captivating journey through his intelligent lyricism and upbeat melodies. Since his transition from drummer to singer-songwriter in 2016, Joe Billy has been crafting a sound that resonates with audiences seeking both thought-provoking introspection and unbridled passion. With each performance, he invites listeners to explore the complexities of existence while fostering a sense of unity and belonging in the world. During his live performances and many of his releases, he is often joined by a talented group of musicians known as the Joe Billy Collective. In 2023 he released Fissure, a compilation of ten strong, reflective tracks. Just last month, Joe Billy released Fissure (Deluxe Edition), adding twelve more tracks of demos to the mix. Let's dive into the immersive world of Joe Billy and the Joe Billy Collective.

Joe Billy Collective LIVE

Photo Credit: Paul Pollio II

Fissure (Deluxe Edition)

Vocals, Guitar, Drums: Joe Billy

Harmonies / Trumpet: Era Lockett

Lead Guitar: James Stivaly

Upright / Electric Bass (excluding tracks 3 and 7): Billy Smolen

Violin / Fiddle: Jason Biggs

Tracking/Production/Mixing: James Stivaly (O.D. Productions)

Drum Tech: Mark DollarAssistant Engineer: Nate Topham

Mixing/Production: Joe Billy

Mastering - Ray Ketchem (Magic Door Recordings)

Album Art - Bret Salvatore

In the words of Joe Billy: "To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my best album yet, Fissure, I decided to dig up demos from hard drives, old recording sessions, and even some phone voice memos and release a Deluxe Edition of the album with demos for every song! Some going as far back as 2017! Not only do I find this really exciting, but it's very nostalgic to listen back to these songs when I first started writing them and was still figuring out what direction I wanted them to go in. I'll say too, it's an incredible exercise in vulnerability to show everyone these songs so raw and unpolished, haha! But overall, for folks who are into listening to demos and comparing them to the final versions, this release is a lot of fun. Hope you all enjoy it!"

Joe Billy-Fissure(Deluxe Edition)-Album Art: Bret Salvatore

Album Art: Bret Salvatore

LONG STORY SHORT: Joe Billy's latest album, Fissure (Deluxe Edition), is where vulnerability meets raw expressionism. This deluxe release offers a captivating journey into the evolution of Joe Billy's music, showcasing how songs are crafted from their barest forms to fully realized compositions. From the sparse instrumentation of early demos to the fully-produced arrangements in tracks like "Here I Am, Vulnerability," listeners witness the transformation of ideas into detailed performances. The album's framework is built upon contrasting versions of songs like "No Sympathy," each offering a unique perspective on Joe Billy's artistic vision. Tracks such as "Fuck My Pride" reveal the immediacy of their creation, while others, like "Day Terrors (2020 Demo)," showcase the urgency in Joe Billy's vocal delivery. These demos, some dating back to 2017, serve as a time capsule into Joe Billy's musical journey and the dedication behind the creation of Fissure. Through this deluxe edition, listeners not only experience the final compositions but also gain insight into the creative process and the profound lyricism that defines Joe Billy's craft.

Read our interview with Joe Billy on the initial release of Fissure here!

LIVE set of the Joe Billy Collective!


Stream Fissure below!

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Joe Billy
Joe Billy
12 mar

Ya'll are the best! Thanks so much for the kind words and sharing this release.

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