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A Couple of Q's with Destxny

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Destxny is a singer-songwriter from Belleville, New Jersey who's goal is just to make her audience feel something. Stef from The MIC, had the pleasure of speaking with her this week as she discusses her creative process and how she aims to "create a connection with [her] audience through shared experiences; trauma, heartbreak, random 3am epiphanies."

SJ: Welcome, Destxny, and thanks for joining us on The MIC!

DE: Thank you guys for having me! :)

1. SJ: Your musical journey started just a few years ago in 2019, after an entry in your journal. After singing in school and church for over ten years, how did you finally realize that this is what you wanted to do?

DE: I wanted to do something new. I was in need of a challenge, and a challenge it has been, in the best way possible.

2. SJ: It’s always good to keep challenging yourself. Were you always writing songs growing up, or did your songwriting process also begin in 2019?

DE: I’ve always written poetry since I was a kid. Rhyming was kind of my shit. I loved the way you could play with words and bring them to life. The first song I wrote was “Wolves”; that was also my debut single.

3. SJ: The influence of poetry is definitely evident in your lyrics. What is your creative process like currently? Do you assign time to sit and write, or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

DE: I don’t write songs every day. Sometimes, I’ll hear melodies in my head and record them on my phone. I usually wait until I’m at the studio to write my songs. I prefer having a beat to work with rather than writing lyrics first.

4. SJ: What is your recording process like? Bedroom or studio?

DE: Studio, for sure. Recording at home feels too laid back for me. When I’m at the studio, I know there isn’t time to be wasted. I want to make the most of every experience.

5. SJ: Last year, you released seven singles! The latest two are “Sunflower Baby” and “Red Eye.” Let’s talk about the first, “Sunflower Baby” is a really catchy track with a funky bass line, warm, slinky vocals, and a complimenting feature from Kai Young. What does this track mean to you?

DE: Kai and I were at the studio one night. My brother found an instrumental that I liked, and I started writing to it jokingly. I didn’t think it would turn out to be one of my favorite records! Kai immediately fell in love with it; we went back the following week to record the rest.

6. SJ: One of my favorites, too, for sure. And your latest, “Red Eye,” has a heavy bass line, familiar of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.” What was your inspiration for this track?

DE: Wow, that means a lot to me. I was in a funk during that time; didn’t know what was going on until I wrote that song. Everything I was feeling was transformed into music. I was afraid of facing the person I saw in the mirror until I wrote “Red Eye.”

7. SJ: What is one song that you wish you could have written, and why?

DE: This is a tough question because I have hundreds in mind. However, I’m going to pick “stranger” by Jhené Aiko. She’s one of my favorite artists of all time. This song describes every one of my romantic interactions perfectly.

8. SJ: Where do you see Destxny in the next year?

DE: I see Destxny continuing to grow into her sound. Perfecting each formula and staying true to what’s real. I don’t know what my future holds. All I want is to make someone feel something when they listen to my music.

SJ: Thank you so much for chatting with us; excited to hear what you create next!

DE: Thank you for this fun experience<3

LONG STORY SHORT: You'll want 'Sunflower Baby' on your playlists ASAP. Destxny's tracks are catchy, upbeat and will keep you vibing all day.


Stream Destxny below!


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