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A Merry Malibu Christmas: "Think 2 Much" Out Now!

Updated: May 12, 2021

You may not be able to travel to Malibu right now, but listening to the band Malibu can give you almost the same west coast warmth. This alternative rock band from West Long Branch, NJ, has been recording music together ever since their freshman days at Monmouth University with Ray Laux on lead vocals and guitar, Scott Buksbaum on lead vocals and bass, Eric Schwartz on vocals and guitar, and James Spavelko on Drums. Releasing their first single in 2017 through a partnership with MU’s Blue Hawk Records, “Brighter Blue” now has over 54,00 streams on Spotify. But Malibu didn’t stop there, releasing their next single, “Holly,” independently before their first major EP release in 2019, Dangerous Valentine. Their musical voyage even brought them to open for acts such as The Band CAMINO, The Stolen, The Catching, and even headlining The Stone Pony.

Malibu has since teamed up with an Asbury Park private label, Telegraph Hill Records, to release their 2019 single “Things Fall Apart” before making their way onto Telegraph Hill Records compilation album, Telegraph Hill Records Vol. 2, with their single, “Never Ending May.” Summer 2020 was supposed to be a season of touring for Malibu. Still, the band was forced to change course and instead decided to release two singles (“Eventually” and “Think 2 Much”) to promote their upcoming debut album, End Scene.

Their latest single, “Think 2 Much,” releasing today, Christmas Day, launches us right into the track singing, “Calm down, I think too much/ I spend all my time stuck inside my head,” which is such a relatable lyric for this pandemic era we’re all experiencing. While the tune follows deeper threads of loneliness, overthinking, and sadness, Malibu can still craft an upbeat anthem that everyone will want to sing along to. “Think 2 Much” is dynamic and full of energy, integrating powerful lead vocals with distorted guitars reminiscent of the All American Rejects.

LONG STORY SHORT: Malibu is a breakthrough artist growing exponentially with over 80,000 total listeners and over 210,000 total streams worldwide, and “Think 2 Much” is the best Christmas present, not under the tree. You won’t even want to regift this one.

"Its Catchy - Its Exciting - Its MALIBU"


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