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After Polarizing Music Video “In Your Love” Tyler Childers plays Radio City opened by Elle King

Folk-country star Tyler Childers sold-out two nights at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

tyler childers radio city

Opening the night was pop star turned country princess Elle King. Seemingly disconnected, King hid behind her red solo cup, big-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. While her attire made her look like she was attending a country festival and not performing one, she seemed to be quite fond of her new role. After topping the chart with her "Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" hit with Miranda Lambert, Elle King seemed to find her way by embracing the country genre and culture. She spoke openly to the crowd about having the best of both worlds, feeling connected to both the suburbs of Ohio, where she grew up with her mother, and the streets of NYC, where she spent time with her father, comedian Rob Schneider.

elle king radio city

King began to loosen up a few tracks in when she shuffled through a few instruments, including guitar and mandolin. She still delighted the crowd with her pop hit, "Ex's and Oh's," and the Tyler Childers written track, "Jersey Giant." Although much of the performance felt like synthetic country radio, when she really digs into the gritty depth of her vocals on tracks like "Good Thing Gone," you understand what all the hype is about.

The curtain closed and reopened, revealing a living room set complete with a lamp and an old television set, with Tyler Childers on acoustic guitar at the center. Childers' solo set started with "Shake the Frost" and "Lady May" before The Food Stamps joined the stage. Making headlines in the weeks leading up to his shows in NYC for his polarizing "In Your Love" music video that depicted two male coalminers in love, shook country and Americana fans. To pair, Childers recently announced a new album 'Rustin' in the Rain' set to release September 8th, so it was no surprise that he sold out his two nights at Radio City, but what he did with the night is what sets him apart as an artist.

The night felt spiritual, solidified by the gospel records in Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? and the stained glass visualizer that illuminated behind him for part of the night. He featured a few covers, one by Hank Willams, another by The Charlie Daniels Band, and his favorite, S.G. Goodman's "Space and Time." Surprisingly, Childers ditched his guitar for most of the night, focusing more on his vocal performance and even picking up a fiddle for his version of the Appalachian South standard, "Cluck Ol Hen." The night was rich in arrangement and production, even going around the band to highlight each leading player with his signature quick-witted quips individually as they flaunted a solo. Tyler Childers' eclectic fashion taste was also on display for the night as he sported a casino track jacket paired with a cheetah print button-down blouse, adding a feminine touch to the ensemble.

With a complete set of 19 tracks, some favorites were bound to be left out, but another thing unique to Tyler that is often left out is the encore. Childers abandons the pageantry of leaving the stage and expectedly returning to a roaring crowd and instead leaves the stage on a high note, just once.

LONG STORY SHORT: Tyler Childers' August 3rd show at Radio City was a sacred experience. The Food Stamps brought Childers' gospel tracks to life with their bluesy energy and infectious foot-stomping rhythms, while Childers showcased his robust vocals with animation and twang.



  • Shake the Frost

  • Lady May

Full Band:

  • Whitehouse Road

  • Old Country Church (Hank Williams Cover)

  • Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?

  • Two Coats

  • Country Squire

  • Trudy (The Charlie Daniels Band Cover)

  • All Your’n

  • Purgatory

  • Cluck Ol Hen

  • In Your Love

  • Space and Time (S.G. Goodman Cover)

  • Honky Tonk Flame

  • House Fire

  • Way of the Triune God

  • Angel Band

  • Jubilee

  • Heart You’ve been Tendin’


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