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Ben Kai's "twenties high": An Emotionally Charged Anthem for the Existential Journey of Youth

Hailing from Woodside, California, and currently making waves in Los Angeles, Ben Kai emerges as a striking alt-rock artist, captivating listeners with his raw and vulnerable approach. His music delves into the labyrinthine complexities of young adulthood, self-discovery, and existentialism. With a sound that marries classic rock elements with dreamy folk-pop vibes, Ben Kai's artistic journey is a testament to his multifaceted talent. While he initially made a name for himself as an award-winning music supervisor at EA Sports right out of college, curating beloved soundtracks that millions have cherished, the 25-year-old artist has finally stepped into the spotlight, marking his long-awaited debut in the music scene. Just last month, Kai unveiled his inaugural single, titled "twenties high," and today, he presents the highly anticipated music video for this track!

Stefan West

Photo Credit: John Hein

"twenties high" Lyrics, Composition: Ben Kai

Composition, Mix: Jacob Chatelain

Mastered: Luis Lu Moreno

In the words of Ben Kai: "I wrote "twenties high" while suffering from overwhelming existential dread. I was plagued with self-worry and questioning what my life was about and what my life should mean. We should all be at our highest in our 20s right? I think it’s true, but not exclusively. A dark cloud of paralyzing uncertainty follows me. I’m terrified of a life cut short, but I’m equally afraid of a life lived long with no purpose. Writing this song was an act of speaking into existence some of my deepest fears, and to reassure myself that life will unravel just as it should."

Stefan West "Take What You Need"

Photo Credit: John Hein

LONG STORY SHORT: Ben Kai's "twenties high" is an emotionally charged plea that delves into the depths of existential dread. The youthful protagonist grapples with life's challenges by seeking solace in moments of intoxication, a state aptly described as "twenties high." The song maintains its momentum with robust production, allowing Ben Kai's passionate vocals to shine within the overarching indie rock ambiance.

In the accompanying music video, Ben Kai delivers a theatrical and emotionally charged performance, singing about a theme that resonates with many - the seemingly inevitable mid-life crisis experienced in one's twenties. As he croons lines like, "I'm overthinking, always dreaming, I'm overthinking again, I can never sleep because I wonder, is this all going to plan?" listeners are drawn into a narrative of introspection and uncertainty that feels universally relatable. "Twenties high" is a track that will speak to your soul and invite you to sing along.


Stream "twenties high" below!


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